Fastest Sportsbook Payouts

On our list of online sports betting priorities, getting the fastest sportsbook payouts is somewhere at the top. The online sports betting sites that we use have reliability and security covered, which means quick and easy cashouts are naturally the next consideration. Online sports bettors, especially those from the U.S.A., often worry about how difficult it will be to receive their cash after winning. Not all sportsbooks offer the same variety of payout options, and each legal sports betting site will have different processing speeds. Still, online sportsbooks recognize how important speedy withdrawals are to their customers and now have more options than ever. You can count on any reputable online sportsbook offering at least one same-day payout option, along with other convenient methods to get you your money fast.

Though the specific banking limits will vary, the methods for the fastest sportsbook payouts are somewhat standard across books. Not only will we give you information on the methods that you should gravitate towards for expedient payouts, we will also go over fees and other banking details that you should know. Getting money out of your online sports betting account should never be a hassle, and as long as you use the payout methods listed below you will get your money fast.

Methods For The Fastest Sportsbook Payouts

The only thing more gratifying than winning a bet is collecting the cash that comes from it, and that is where the methods for the fastest sportsbook payouts come in. Legal sports betting sites will provide you with numerous payout options to get your money quickly. Nowadays, you can even get cash without having to get in your car and speak to a bank teller. The fastest sports betting payouts come from electronic methods rather than more traditional delivery options. But if you prefer to have your money put directly in your hand, there are methods where you can visit a local merchant to pick-up your funds. Online sportsbooks have several options for quick payouts, and you will find the fastest methods below:

Bitcoin – When it comes to the fastest sportsbook payouts, it does not get any better than bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows the online sportsbook to instantly send funds from their BTC wallet to yours. The reliability and speed cannot be beaten, with coins arriving the same day depending on processing speed. Instead of having to give your bank account information, all you have to do is provide the online sportsbook with your bitcoin address to receive your funds.

  • Fees: None
  • Processing Speed: Within 24 hours
  • Maximum: Up to $50,000

Person-to-Person – Person-to-person methods include money transfer services like MoneyGram and Western Union. While these payouts previously took a week or more to process, online sportsbooks are now providing your reference number within a few days. You can visit a local retailer to pick up your cash immediately after the withdrawal request is processed.

  • Fees: Up to $101
  • Processing Speed: 2 -3 business days
  • Maximum: Up to $50,000
Payout Methods With The Lowest Fees

While fast payouts are desirable, some sports bettors also look for the payout methods with the lowest fees. As legal sports betting sites are always striving to meet the demands of customers, many of the fastest sportsbooks payouts now come with minimal fees. You can get your cash in less than a week and have more of your winnings go directly into your wallet. Some online sportsbooks also offer payout rewards where monthly withdrawal fees are completely waived or heavily discounted. This means that even if you chose a method like MoneyGram, you could skip having to pay the high fees. Below you will find the payout methods that have low fees and are also expedient.

Checks – Checks are preferred by sports bettors that do not want their money handled electronically. The online sportsbook will send a traditional check to your mailbox that can be deposited directly into your bank account. Most online sportsbooks will waive the fee for checks once per month, making this one of the payout methods with the lowest fees.

  • Fees: Up to $50 (Free with payout rewards)
  • Processing Speed: Estimated 5 -7 business days
  • Maximum: Up to $5000

Bitcoin – Bitcoin is both expedient and cost effective. There are no fees when you request a bitcoin payout at online sportsbooks. Not only are the payout maximums typically higher with the digital currency, but you can also make withdrawals more frequently with this method.

  • Fees: None
  • Processing Speed: Within 24 hours
  • Maximum: Up to $50,000
Fastest Sportsbook Payouts FAQs

Do I Need To Verify My Account Before Requesting A Withdrawal?

Legal sports betting sites have your security as a top priority, which is why you will likely need to verify your account before requesting a withdrawal. Most online sportsbooks will have a quick and easy verification form that will need to be filled out. You will also need to submit a copy of a government issued ID, utility bill, and any credit card that you used to sign up at the online sportsbook.

Is Bitcoin Safe To Use?

Bitcoin is the safest banking method that you can use at a legal sports betting site. The cryptocurrency is decentralized, meaning that there is no central banking authority to decline bitcoin payouts or deposits. There is also a level of anonymity with bitcoin that sets it apart from other sportsbook withdrawal methods. Bitcoin is legal in the United States and hundreds of other countries around the world. You can rest assured that any bitcoin withdrawal requested at an online sportsbook is 100% secure and safe.

Can I Cancel A Bitcoin Withdrawal After It Is Requested?

You can only cancel a bitcoin withdrawal if the funds have not yet been sent from the sportsbook. Once a bitcoin transaction has been processed, there is no way to recover or cancel the payout. Keep in mind that bitcoin provides one of the fastest sportsbook payouts. You should always verify the bitcoin wallet address you provide to the sportsbook cashier before submitting your payout request.

Does My Payout Come Back Using The Same Deposit Method I Made?

When you request a payout, it will usually come back in the same manner that you made your deposit. Payout options such as bitcoin, checks, MoneyGram, Western Union, and bank wires are common legal sportsbook deposit methods as well. If you made a deposit with a method that is not offered for withdrawals, you will have to use a different method. Online sportsbooks will usually default your payout to a bank wire transfer, but you can verify your options with customer service.

When Will My Withdrawal Be Processed?

All legal sports betting sites will have individual processing windows for payout requests. The cashiers will process withdrawal requests throughout the week during certain hours. You can find the specific days and times on the Cashier page of the online sportsbook. Most sites ask bettors to allow a period of up to 48 hours for payout requests to be received. It is important to keep the processing time in mind when considering the overall delivery speed of your sportsbook payout.

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