Legal College Football Betting

College sports is something that almost every person in America is connected to in one way or another, and football maintains the largest fan base by far. With 128 schools in the FBS alone, it’s no surprise that legal college football betting is one of the most popular sports wagering pastimes for US-based gamblers.

Unfortunately, the NCAA – the cabal that runs college football and every other serious amateur sport in the country – is on record as being adamantly against sports betting in general and legal college football betting in particular. As a perpetual defendant in challenges to the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA, 1992), the organization’s complaints echo the same nonsense as ever, some blather about “the integrity of the game” whereby they essentially denigrate their indentured servants as latent criminals.

Luckily, most fans of college football aren’t buying it, and they continue to do exactly as they please. This means engaging in legal college football betting, which likely ranks second overall for gambling action in America. And that’s saying something, considering that many estimates claim the US sports betting industry moves around $500 billion per year.

Is It Legal to Bet On College Football Online?

The short answer is yes. Although, legal college football betting is not as straightforward a proposition as spreading out the chips and salsa before your alma mater’s next kickoff. The good news is most of the details can be summed up pretty quickly. With online wagering being far more convenient than and trip to Las Vegas, and you don’t even have to drive through the Mojave to do it. (Which is great, because tailgating in the desert heat pretty much sucks.)

All you need to get started with legal college football betting is an Internet connection. Because laws like PASPA, the Wire Act (1961), and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (2006) ignore those who place bets in favor of those who take them, many legal sports betting sites simply moved overseas. Since they’re out of US jurisdiction, they can accept your bets – and honor their payouts – without any negative legal consequences. Just pick a legal sports betting site, load up your account with a few bucks, place bets, win money, repeat. For once, staggering government ineptitude has been good for the private citizen.

Current College Football Betting Odds

It’s hard to believe, but Week 9 of the NCAA football season is upon us, and though there aren’t any extremely high profile teams taking part in the midweek matchups, there are still plenty of opportunities for smart bettors to heap up their winnings. That’s thanks to the current college football betting odds available at the leading legal offshore sports betting sites, which have a more comprehensive listing of betting lines on more games than any other sportsbooks, whether at brick-and-mortar or online locations. We’ll take a look at Thursday’s four games in chronological order based on their start times.

First up is the contest between regional rivals Toledo (6-1, first in the MAC West) and Ball State, (2-5), with the Rockets emerging as the favorites in the minds of many analysts on occasion of the 7 p.m. game to be broadcast on ESPN3. However, neither Bovada nor SportsBetting, two of the leading legal offshore sportsbooks, is listing moneyline odds on this game. Toledo will have a 26-point spread to cover, but the odds that the Rockets are good for it are equal, at -110, to Ball State’s odds to either win outright or lose by less than 26 ½ points. The over/under line is similarly equal in terms of odds, which are set at -110 on the projected combined total of 60 ½ points.

Next is another regional rivalry game, this time between Eastern Michigan (2-5) and Northern Illinois (5-2). This game, like the previous contest, does not have a moneyline listing at Bovada, though SportsBetting does list one and it doesn’t look good for Eastern Michigan, which is facing odds of +230 compared to the odds of -275 in Northern Illinois’ favor. However, some ground can be regained if betting the spread is more your speed, as the spread is set at just 7 points, with -105 odds for Eastern Michigan with a 7-point handicap and -115 odds for Northern Illinois to cover. The projected total in the contest is 46 ½ points, with equal odds of -110 on both the “over” and “under” side of the bet.

At 7:30 p.m. the South Alabama Jaguars (3-4) will take on the Georgia State Panthers (3-3) to decide which of the two can rightly say it holds onto third place in the Sun Belt Conference. Bovada’s bookies aren’t listing moneyline or totals betting odds on the game, but the spread of 2 points is incredible close, so look out for a real show when these rivals clash Thursday evening. The odds are equal for both South Alabama, the favorite, and Georgia State, the underdog, at -110 either way. SportsBetting is offering a totals betting line on this game, setting the projected combined score at -110 on both the “over” and “under.”

Finally, at 9 p.m. Stanford (5-2, first in PAC-12 North) will take on conference foe Oregon State (1-6, sixth in PAC-12 North). Bovada doesn’t list moneyline or totals odds on the game, but the spread is a lopsided 23 ½ points in Stanford’s favor, though its odds of covering are the same as Oregon States, as both teams are looking at -110 odds. Over at SportsBetting, the totals betting line available has equal odds of -110 on both sides of the over/under, with projected total sets at 59 ½ points.

College Football Playoff Odds

Bovada’s college football playoff odds continue to list Alabma as the leaders in the race to win the 2018 College Football Championship. The Crimson Tide has odds of -120 to stand atop the pile of the NCAA’s Division 1 teams come the end of the season, and that hasn’t changed since Bovada, the industry leader among legal offshore sportsbooks, began listing futures odds months ago. Ohio State is tenaciously holding on to second place with odds of +500 to win the championship, but Penn State has surged to third in recent weeks and are currently listing with odds of +700 to claim the title in an upset.

Clemson, which once looked to be a challenger for Alabama, was stunned with a loss courtesy of Syracuse a few weeks back, and has accordingly fallen to a distance fourth place with odds of +1,000 to win the championship. Georgia is tied with Clemson for fourth place, so we’ll likely see a lot of movement in the listings after this weekend’s games in Week 9 of the regular season. Notre Dame is holding on to fifth spot with +1,800 odds to win, and Wisconsin is a ways back at +2,200 odds in seventh place.

The Best Online Legal College Football Betting Sites

While there are a number of destinations for Internet-based sports gambling, if you’re concerned with discretion, security, and reliability, there are really only a handful of legal college football betting sites out there. Sportsbooks like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and 5Dimes are all highly reputable firms with many years of experience.

Bovada is a beginner’s most reassuring bet, as it is the most reliable gambling site around, with decades of collective experience that’s been instrumental in guiding the industry itself. However, Bovada has comparatively limited payment options, especially compared against sites like BetOnline and SportsBetting, which both accept more deposit types and offer more payout types. If you have multiple financial accounts in your life, these sites might scratch your itch the best. On the other hand, if your itch comes in the form of wacky, bizarre prop bets or alternate lines, 5Dimes is the place to visit.

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