Betting Odds On Dodgers Vs Cubs, NLCS Game 5

With Los Angeles leading the National League Championship 3 games to 1 over Chicago, the whole affair could be set to wind down in the best-of-seven series after Thursday’s 8 p.m. game at Wrigley Field. Leading legal offshore sports betting site Bovada lists the best assortment of betting odds on Dodgers vs Cubs you’ll find anywhere, whether on the internet or at a brick-and-mortar sportsbook, at the bookies have got LA as the favorites this time around. The Dodgers have odds of -170 to win, compared to Chicago’s odds of +145 on the moneyline, but LA has even odds to cover the -1 ½ runline, whereas the Cubbies are looking at odds of -120 to keep the game within two runs. As for the total, the situation is reversed, with odds of -120 on the combined total score being over 7 runs, but even on the game being under 7 runs.

Dodgers Vs Cubs Five Inning Line

The available 5-inning line on Dodgers vs Cubs for today is practically the same as the full game odds, but savvy bettors will use this to their advantage and maximize their winnings with a more substantial payout (why not try out Bitcoin? It’s the fastest and most secure deposit and withdrawal method available at legal offshore sportsbooks like Bovada). LA has the upper hand on the 5-inning moneyline with odds of -170 to be ahead after the halfway point of the contest, set for an 8 p.m. broadcast on TBS, while Chicago is listing at +140. The projected 5-inning total score of 3 ½ runs is virtually the same as the main game line, with over listing for -120, though under is currently being offered at odds of -110. Either way, these are very low price points whether you like the favorite or the underdog.

Dodgers Vs Cubs Prop Bets

Los Angeles and Chicago’s Wendesday evening game has drawn a lot of attention from Bovada’s bookies, and Dodgers vs Cubs prop bets are readily available at the industry’s leading legal sports betting site. The Dodgers have odds of -155 to be the first team to score, compared to the odds of +125 for the Cubs, both fairly low price points for a buy-in. That trend is even more apparent when one considers the margin of victory prop bet, which features odds of +230 for a Cubs win by 1-2 runs. The next-nearest LA margin of victory prop bet available has +305 odds for the Dodgers to win by 1-2 runs, so draw from that what conclusions you may. The prop for an odd or even total run count looks even better for maxing out winnings, as the “even” side boasts odds of +125, while the “odd” side isn’t too bad either at -165.

Betting Odds On Astros Vs Yankees, ALCS Game 5

With the American League Championship series tied 2-all, the pressure is on Houston to put away the upstart New York and set up a showdown with Los Angeles, while the Yanks look to throw a kink in everyone’s brackets and make the 2017 World Series a real East Coast/West Coast grudge match. The leading legal offshore sportsbook, stocked as always with betting odds on Astros vs Yankees, like Houston’s chances in Wednesday’s game (set for a 5:08 p.m. first pitch), listing the Texas club with moneyline odds of -119 to win it all, compared to the still-reasonable -101 odds for New York. At any rate, the bookies are expecting a closely played game, listing the underdog Yankees with favorable odds of -165 to cover a +1 ½ runline, while Houston has +145 odds to cover with a -1 ½-run handicap. As for totals betting, Bovada’s linemakers are calling for an 8-run ballgame and list even odds for the over and -120 on the under, both exceptional value propositions however the game turns out.

5 Inning Line On Yankees Vs Astros

The 5-inning line on Yankees vs Astros may be the real money-making opportunity in Wednesday afternoon’s matchup to decide which team will claim the American League crown. The moneyline odds for the higher score after the midway point of the game, set for a 5:08 p.m. first pitch with a Fox Sports 1 broadcast, is exactly the same for either team at -115, so take your pick. That’s a very reasonable buy-in, and both New York and Houston have a good shot on paper to take the win in this series with so much riding on the outcome of today’s game. Bovada’s bookies are looking for a 4-run total after five innings, but the over side of the betting line looks more likely, with odds of -120 compared to odds of -110 on the under side of the wager.

Astros Vs Yankees Prop Bets

The trend of high value propositions for the Houston @ New York American League Championship game continues when considering Yankees vs Astros prop bets available at Bovada. The team to score first prop looks like the Astros are favored, with -155 odds to do so, but the Yankees, who pose a huge threat in this afternoon’s matchup, have odds of +125 to put the first run on the board. The most likely outcome for the game is that it will be decided within 1-2 runs, and the betting line on that occurring is Astros +260, Yankees +205, so take your pick (personally, we like the Astros here). The odd/even total runs bet looks even better for a smart bettor to make some extra cash betting on the 2017 MLB Playoffs, as the “even” side of the bet has odds of +130 compared to -175 on “odd.”


2017 World Series Odds

The Dodgers lead in the 2017 World Series odds have stayed the same since Wednesday’s update, but other changes are shaking up the sportsbook listing at Bovada during this crucial juncture in the run up to the national championship. LA is holding onto odds of -110 to win it all, but the New York Yankees have, despite their slim chances at the start of the pennant race, surged ahead by the bookies’ estimation and claimed second in the listings with odds of +190 to win. That puts the Yanks ahead of the Houston Astros, who are currently listing at +500 to win, and everybody, and we do mean everybody, is far ahead of the beleaguered Chicago Cubs, whose odds have lengthened out precipitously to +2000. Doesn’t help that Chicago is only two games away from elimination and they have the face the all-conquering (so far) Los Angeles Thursday night.

Los Angeles Dodgers -110
Houston Astros +500
New York Yankees +190
Chicago Cubs +2000

Odds to Win The 2017 NL Pennant

The Los Angeles Dodgers’ hold on top spot for the National League championship looks pretty secure, with their odds to win the 2017 NL Pennant holding firm at -150, but today’s Cubs/Nationals game could prove interesting for bettors. In the meantime, the Nationals have moved up to +300 odds – not close to LA but not incredibly far off in the eyes of the Bovada bookies. Chicago, too, has seen its odds narrow to +350, but the game tonight will more or less seal the deal for the eventual winners of the Pennant.

  • Los Angeles Dodgers -150
  • Washington Nationals +300
  • Chicago Cubs +350


MLB Playoff Betting FAQ's

Is Betting On The MLB Playoffs Legal?

Absolutely. If you use an online sportsbook like Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline, or 5Dimes, then betting on the MLB playoffs is legal. Because of various federal restrictions (The Wire Act, PASPA, UIGEA), many prospective Internet gamblers are under the impression that they’ve got to break the law to take advantage of any 2017 MLB playoff betting odds. That’s simply not true. The US government merely criminalizes people or companies that accept bets, not those who place them. Since the best legal online sportsbooks are all overseas and outside of US jurisdiction, such legalities are rendered moot. Nobody has ever been arrested, tried, or convicted just for betting on sports over the Internet.

Is The Runline Like The Spread In Football?

Exactly. In fact, the only thing different about the runline is its name. The runline, like the spread, handicaps matchups to balance the perceived skill levels of both teams involved and get bettors wagering equally on both sides. This means that a weaker team will “get runs” while a stronger team will “give runs.” The underdog will always be shown with a positive runline number, and the favorite will always sport a negative runline number. For an underdog to win, they must lose by fewer runs than whatever their runline shows. Favorites must win by more points than shown in their runline.

For example, let’s say the Yankees are +1.5 underdogs against the Red Sox. They can lose by up to one run (or, obviously, win outright) to win the bet. The Red Sox, at -1.5, must win by at least two runs for their bet to be a winner. (Half-runs in runlines are used to prevent any bets from “pushing,” which is an unfavorable outcome for sportsbooks since they most often require them to refund all of a given bet’s action.)

What Is The Best Deposit Method For US Bettors At Online Baseball Betting Sites?

If you need to get money into your online baseball betting sites of choice quickly, you should probably use a credit or debit card from Visa or Mastercard. (Bovada accepts American Express, but no other reliable sportsbooks currently do.) However, if you have a week or so of lead time before you wish to place any bets, then Bitcoin is probably the way to go. It’s naturally more secure than any other method, and there’s no paper trail attached to the cryptocurrency. Plus, Bitcoin has a tendency to appreciate dramatically at times, meaning that you could significantly increase your bets’ payouts by trading your Bitcoin winnings at an online exchange.

What Is A Deposit Bonus?

A deposit bonus is one of the ways that online sportsbooks incentivize bettors to keep playing at their sites. Basically, if you choose to receive the optional deposit bonus, your account cannot be cashed out until you spend a specific multiple of that deposit and bonus. At Bovada, for example, this “rollover” for sports betting is 5X. If you deposit $50 and receive a $250 bonus, the rollover will be 5 x $300, or $1500. You will be able to use the full $300 to bet on events of your choosing, but you will not be able to withdraw any winnings until you have bet a total handle of $1500 with Bovada. (Please note that you don’t have to lose $1500, you just need to bet that total amount in aggregate.)

Deposit bonuses are best utilized by folks who intend to bet on more than one or two games. If you’re going to bet periodically over the next several months, such bonuses can really add up. However, if you just want to get in on some 2017 MLB playoff betting odds and then hang ‘em up, you might want to forego these for now.

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