Vanilla Visa Sports Betting

Using Vanilla Visa cards for sports betting is one of the best payment options available at our recommended offshore sportsbooks, Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline and 5Dimes. The reason for this is the existence of a hodgepodge of federal and state anti-gambling laws like the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 that prohibit US financial institutions from processing transactions related to online gambling, even at legal sports betting sites based overseas. Because you can’t always count on the online sportsbook to accept several different types of credit cards when it comes to make a deposit into your account, prepaid credit cards like Vanilla Visa cards are the perfect solution.

Our quick and easy guide will get you ready to start using Vanilla Visa cards at the top legal sports betting sites. We’ll give a brief overview of how this particular type of prepaid credit cards work, we’ll take a look at various aspects relating to their use and we’ll even answer a few of the most commonly asked questions relating to the use of Vanilla Visa for sports betting purposes.

Why Use A Vanilla Visa Card For Sports Betting Online?

Simply put, Vanilla Visa cards are just one of several types sold by Vanilla, a company offering reloadable prepaid cards. Vanilla Visa cards are ideal for use at the leading legal offshore sports betting sites because they enable users to quickly and easily add funds and they can be used interest-free. Vanilla Visa sports betting is also a great idea because, unlike the case with true credit cards, there is no need for a credit check or even to fill out any paperwork, and cardholders don’t need to use any bank account information to get one either.

Furthermore, Vanilla Visa cards are reusable and accepted internationally (basically everywhere a regular Visa card would be accepted is fair game), so most of the time you won’t have any issue using them at Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline or 5Dimes, our top picks among legal sports betting sites. There are other benefits to using Vanilla Visa cards at sports betting sites as well, including a higher acceptance rate than true credit cards and the fact that their nature as prepaid cards acts as a money-management safeguard against overspending which cuts down on compulsive gambling.

How Do Get A Vanilla Visa Card

Vanilla Visa Sports BettingVanilla Visa cards are available at many popular physical retailers, including Walmart, Family Dollar and Dollar General, pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS, as well as Speedway convenience stores. As we mentioned before, there are no forms to fill out and no credit check is necessary to get started, and your card can be reloaded at thousands of locations across the country, including a rapid reload option when you’re in the checkout line at your local Walmart. Online reloading is possible using Vanilla’s free direct deposit service, which enables cardholders to automatically put money (including straight from their payroll as well as government benefits and tax refunds) on their card without the need for check-cashing fees.

How To Use A Vanilla Visa Card At Legal Sports Betting Sites

Because of the aforementioned federal and state laws preventing US financial institutions from processing credit card transactions related to online gambling, of which sports betting is just a subset, prepaid card like Vanilla Visa are a solid bet for making deposits at your offshore sportsbook account. Fortunately, using Vanilla Visa cards at sports betting sites for deposits is a pretty easy process. Each online sportsbook has a slightly different deposit procedure, but generally you can expect to simply select the credit card option, input your card number and bet all set to enjoy a sign-up bonus and get started betting on your favorite teams. Just make sure you meet the minimum deposit amount set by all the major offshore sports betting sites (this is usually in the neighborhood of $50)

Prepaid cards and gift cards like Vanilla Visa generally have a higher acceptance rate than other forms of credit or debit cards because they have the additional built-in guarantee of available funding. However, even Vanilla Visa cards are still processed by the sportsbook’s in-house payment processors the same way as credit card deposits, so we can’t say with 100 percent confidence that your card will be accepted every time. In order to give yourself to best possible chance of having your Vanilla Visa card sports betting deposit accepted, make your deposit as early in the week before the game you want to bet on, as the increased volume leading up to a big game could result in more rejections. You will also want to keep a receipt of your deposit, because it’s not uncommon for the sportsbook to ask for a copy when you request a payout.

Vanilla Visa Sports Betting FAQs

Is Using A Vanilla Visa Card To Bet On Sports Legal?

All the laws that could prevent your credit card from being accepted at a legal sports betting site are directed solely at the financial institution that actual handle processing such transactions at domestic online sportsbooks. That is to say, using a Vanilla Visa card to bet on sports is legal, provided you stick to our recommended legal sports betting sites – all of which are based overseas and outside the purview of US law and the jurisdiction of the US Justice Department.

Are Vanilla Visa Cards Safe To Use?

One of the best aspects of using Vanilla Visa cards is how safe they are to use at sports betting sites. There are several reasons for the inherent security of using prepaid debit cards: in order to use a Vanilla Visa card, you have to enter your personal information (but the sportsbooks won’t keep this on-file) and you have to get permission from the sportsbook to use the prepaid card. Additionally, you don’t have to give up any financial information like a bank account number (in fact, you aren’t even required to have a bank account) to start up a Vanilla Visa prepaid card, so there is no risk to any of your money except the funds you bet.

Are There Deposit Fees For Using A Vanilla Visa Card?

Among the only trade-offs with using a prepaid card like a Vanilla Visa card are the fees charged for making a legal sportsbook deposit. Such fees are not assessed when you use your bank account information, a bank-associated debit card or a credit card. However, the federal and state laws we’ve discussed throughout this guide are generally going to make getting a credit or debit card deposit accepted by your legal online sportsbook. Fees are charged on Vanilla Visa deposits because the card company is going to charge the sportsbook for accepting the card. These fees are generally nominal, but it’s just something to be aware of before you make a deposit.

Can I Request Payout Using A Vanilla Visa Card?

Sportsbooks payouts via any form of card – credit cards, debit cards or even prepaid cards like Vanilla Visa cards – is strictly unavailable for US residents. This is another of the disadvantages of using any kind of card at the best legal sports betting sites, but it’s a fairly minor one considering that the offshore online sportsbooks we recommend provide the only legal means available to American sports fans. The only to make withdrawals after winning bets is to request a check in the mail (which will take longer) or to use other means like BitCoin or direct bank transfers.

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