3 Times Bettors Beat The Oddsmakers For The NBA Finals

  • 22% of underdogs in the NBA Playoffs have gone on to win the series.
  • Betting lines are different with every offshore sportsbook and in-state licensed sportsbooks.
  • The Warriors (-125) are the favorites to win the 2019 NBA Finals.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – One of the most beautiful things about betting on sports is that you can never count a team out. No matter the situation, there is always a chance (no matter how small that might be) and betting odds always reflect interesting opportunities.

In the last fifteen years, there have been three notable teams to go on to win the NBA Finals, even though the betting boards considered it was nearly impossible to happen. The numbers may surprise you about underdogs in the NBA Playoffs in general.

Since 1988, 22% of the underdogs, according to betting odds, have gone on to win the series – 100/459 to be exact. But betting is so much more about knowing who to bet on. With live, in-play betting and multiple legal sports betting operators accepting action, it is now less important than knowing when to bet on a team.

With that, here are three teams that silenced the critics and made bettors who took a chance at the right time a ton of money in the process:

3 Times Bettors Beat The Oddsmakers For The NBA Finalst

The 2004 NBA Finals – Detroit Pistons Winning Over The Lakers

Coming into the NBA Finals, the Pistons were expected to roll over a hand Kobe Bryant and company another title. Instead, defensive-minded Pistons had other plans and took down the Lakers in 5. This is the only team on the list that bettors did not have to do much hoping, as their best odds to win the NBA Finals were posted before game 1.

  • Detroit Pistons (+500)
  • Los Angeles Lakers (-700)

With similar records coming into the series, the Lakers held come court advantage – even though it appeared to be futile. After beating the Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals, the Pistons continued their toughness against the Lakers proving that (+500) odds are easy to overcome.

The 2011 Champions – Dallas Mavericks Beating The Best Of The West

While the Mavericks were often considered an elite team at the time, attaining another 50-win season didn’t appear to be enough for oddsmakers. The Heat has just assembled “The Big 3” and the Lakers, Thunder, and Spurs still ruled the western conference. For Mavs bettors, those who took a chance on the Dirk Nowitzki led team, surely smiled after seeing the Mavs win it all.

  • Dallas Mavericks (+1800)

The Mavericks were given these odds at the start of the playoffs, not expecting to win it all as the 3 seed in the west. After fighting through a LaMarcus Aldridge led Blazers team, Kobe Bryant led Lakers team, Kevin Durant led Thunder team, and Lebron James led Heat team, the Mavs finished the year as champions. The athletes weren’t the only ones excited about the money they were about to make, as bettors cashed in on the (+1800) odds proudly boasting their confidence in the team.

The 2016 NBA Finals – Cavaliers Coming Back To Win, Down 3-1 To The Warriors

It’s everyone’s favorite joke and critique of the Warriors, but some are laughing not only at the joke. Bettors were glad to have taken a chance on Lebron James after the Cavs fell down 2 games against the defending champions in the Warriors. The Dubs had only lost 9 games that year in the regular season, while only losing back-to-back games once (in the playoffs against the Thunder).

  • Cleveland Cavaliers (+1100)

LegalSportsBettingSites.com thought that after game 4, the Cavs looked completely out of it. They had been held to 166 points in the first two games in Oakland and faced at least more in the loud and hostile arena. Holding the Warriors to under 102 points in the final three games, the Cavs were able to make one of the most memorable comebacks in NBA Finals history. In the NBA Playoffs, only 11 teams have come back to win, being down 3-1 and the Cavs made history, along with those who took the (+1100) odds.

The Current Odds To Win The 2019 NBA Finals

Flash forward to 2019 and the odds to win the NBA Finals are beginning to take their future form. Though there is the clear favorite in the Golden State Warriors, taking a flier at this stage isn’t the worst of options. There is certainly value in selecting a team that wasn’t the 1-seed in the eastern or western conference, even if just used for hedging purposes.

As of today, the odds for to win the trophy are as follows:

Golden State Warriors +100
Milwaukee Bucks +250
Houston Rockets +550
Toronto Raptors +800
Denver Nuggets +1600
Philadelphia 76ers +4000
Portland Trail Blazers +5000


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