Buffalo Bills Are All In For Sports Betting

  • The NFL used to be a prime opponent against sports betting
  • The Buffalo Bills see a new business opportunity
  • Representatives from the Bills are lobbying for in-stadium wagering options

ALBANY, N.Y. – The Buffalo Bills owner is wanting to work with the New York state assembly to get in-stadium sports betting approved.

Pegula Sports and Entertainment is the company that owns the Buffalo Bills. The company is lobbying state assemblymen so they can approve of in-stadium sportsbooks alongside with the mobile betting option they are working on. NY SB 17 is the bill that would authorize mobile sports wagering.

Providing More For Customers

Pegula Sports and Entertainment wants sportsbooks to be opened at Yankee Stadium and Madison Square Garden. The company’s spokesman Don Heins says that this move will provide a better gaming experience for their fans.

“Several legislative items are currently under consideration that could have an effect on our business operations and the fans’ gameday experience. As always, our fans remain our number one priority,” said Heins.

Buffalo Bills Are All In For Sports Betting

The NFL’s Sports Betting History

The NFL was one of the biggest opponents against sports betting. While the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was still in place, the NFL sued alongside with the NCAA and other sports leagues to make sure that it was enforced and kept in place.

Ultimately, PASPA was struck down and the states are now free to choose for themselves whether or not they want to allows sports betting. That forced sports leagues like the NFL to shift gears.

They began to lobby for “integrity fees” that would allow them to monitor sports betting operations. These fees were advertised to make sure that sportsbooks wouldn’t allow for dirty betting. At this point, none of the states that have legalized sports betting have included integrity fees in their laws.

NFL Owners Want In

Just because the NFL wants to control aspects about sports betting, that doesn’t mean that the owners for the teams feel the same. Sports betting is becoming legal throughout the country and more sportsbooks are opening.

The Buffalo Bills owners and other team owners are seeing that embracing sports betting could earn them more money in the long run. Fans have embraced sports betting throughout the country and they see that resisting it would be bad for them. This is despite what the NFL and other sports leagues current position.

LegalSportsBettingSites.com knows if the Buffalo Bills are successful, new sportsbooks will be able to open in Yankee Stadium and Madison Square Garden. The sportsbooks will have odds on the games played there and likely games played elsewhere. This will drive more interest and give the fans the convenience of being able to go to the game without having to drop by a different sportsbook to make their bets.


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