Legal Sports Betting For New York Residents

Living in New York means you have access to a bookie, though it is likely to be operated by a criminal enterprise and is surely not a legal sportsbook for New York residents. Since not paying your debts can result in broken legs or worse, we do not recommend you gamble with these criminals and thugs. What we can tell you is that there are plenty of online sportsbooks available, and these will allow you to bet safely. When it comes down to it, you will be able to play the odds without fear of arrest, as players have not been banned from joining in on the fun through these legal online sports betting websites.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in New York?

Residents of New York enjoy many different ways of gaining access to various types of gambling, between existing tribal gaming venues, online casino gaming sites, and online sportsbooks that allow bets from New York players. Residents of this state can safely place all the online bets they want at legal online casinos and offshore online sportsbooks that accept New York residents. It is naturally more convenient to play your favorite gambling games and to place sports bets at online casinos and sportsbooks because this doesn’t require leaving your house or even putting on pants, which is always a plus. That’s why New York gamblers enjoy using legal sports betting sites.

Will I Go to Jail for Online Sports Betting in New York?

In The Empire State, no laws exist in the state penal code that would make online gambling explicitly illegal. That is why not one single arrest has ever taken place in New York for any crimes related to online sports gambling or casino play. New York residents shouldn’t fear federal prosecution either since last December the Department of Justice altered their reading of the 1961 Federal Wire Act to make it clear that the law only applies to providers of illegal sports betting action, and not to online gamblers themselves. Another important law that New York bettors should know is the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. This law was passed in 1992 banning betting on sports. However, online wagers made on sports are not characterized under this law, as PASPA has become a bit obsolete when it comes to betting sports on the Internet. Sports bettors are safe to place their wagers online in New York.

Legal Sports Betting Sites For New York Residents
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All 50 States

SportsBetting is a sportsbook open to all players in the United States, New York included. If you live in New York, you will have easy access to the sports betting available through SportsBetting. You should have no problems joining up, as they provide multiple deposit options. They have American Express, MasterCard, VISA and wire transfers for easy deposits. They also have a 75% to $1,000 match bonus, which is one of the largest promotions online. If you decide to stick to this bonus, you will be able to bet on their lines with some extra money in your account. SportsBetting has bets on every major sport, as well as most of the individual sports. This is undoubtedly a sportsbook that cannot be ignored, and we promise that you will never have to contend with anything other than fair and easy gaming.

BetOnline Sportsbook
Unlimited 50% To $2,500
All 50 States

BetOnline has a simple motto - Because you Can. Yes, they understand that some players are afraid to bet on sports online, and they have done what they can to take this fear away. You will not be prosecuted or otherwise put in harms way solely for gambling on the Internet, and they realize this. BetOnline offers one of the highest deposit bonuses around, a 25% match to $1,000. BetOnline offers bets only on sports, meaning entertainment and political bets are not available through their service. BetOnline has offered their players a solid set of other features, including the ability to play poker and casino games through their service. Few other sportsbooks are as favorable as theirs, so we recommend it to anyone looking for a new betting experience.

5Dimes Sportsbook
50% to $200 Welcome Bonus
All 50 States

5Dimes is another sportsbook we can tell you is of the highest quality. 5Dimes provides their players with a 50% bonus up to $200, or $20 to $500 or more.. You will be able to deposit with credit and debit cards including VISA, in addition to prepaid cards, and wire transfers, which makes it very easy to make a deposit. 5Dimes has betting trends readily available, showing you where everyone placed their wagers. They also have a betting card that makes it simple to wager, as there is no confusion based on how to place your bets. No matter how you look at it, 5Dimes is one of the easiest of all online sportsbooks.

Best Legal Sports Betting Sites For New York Players
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  • 75% Bonus Up To $1,000 On Each Deposit
Sports Betting Laws in New York

The state of New York has not addressed the use of the Internet for gambling, so there simply aren’t any sports betting laws in New York that address Internet sports gambling. A recent crackdown on some brick and mortar sports gambling shops indicates that the state will prosecute illegal sportsbook providers, though not individual bettors.

How Federal Laws Impact New York Sports Betting

There are several different federal laws that impact legal New York sports betting with PASPA and UIGEA being the key laws to know. PASPA stands for the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act and it is the federal ban on sports betting in the United States. The caveat with this law is that it really only prohibits the operation of gambling sites, doesn’t really affect players nor does it affect the use of offshore online sports betting in New York. The UIGEA stands for the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and this actually does affect New York players because it puts banking restrictions on all gambling sites. It doesn’t allow banks to knowingly accept gambling transactions but the top sites have figured their way around that as well.  

How Old Do You Have To Be To Bet Online In New York?

The legal gambling age for players living or visiting New York is 21 years old. This means that despite a betting site that players might visit where the stipulation of age requirement is 18, players in New York will still have to be 21. The higher of the two ages between the site and the state will always need to be sufficed for legal gambling activity to take place. Otherwise, players found violating this law will be subject to any and all penalties under the state of New York relating to gambling, which could be anywhere from fines to probation.

Best Mobile Sports Betting Sites in New York

Mobile sports betting has become incredibly popular among New York sports betting fans. All of the top online sportsbooks are all offshore sites that are legally regulated and licensed outside of the United States, making them totally safe to use for New York residents. All of these top sites offer mobile sports betting in New York so players can enjoy gambling on sports from their smartphone or tablet devices whenever they want.

Tribal And Land Based Sports Betting In New York

While there are tribal casino venues in the state of New York, there are no sportsbooks in the state. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, most commonly referred to as PASPA, bans sports betting everywhere in the United States, except for Nevada. That doesn’t leave New York players without options though as there are plenty of legal online sportsbooks in New York that operate outside of the US, thus falling outside of the jurisdiction of PASPA and other sports betting restrictions.

Sports Betting FAQ For New York

Is Bovada Legal For New York Residents?

Unfortunately Bovada stopped accepting all wagers from existing New York account holders and subsequently closed registration to all living in the state. New Jersey is also excluded. While it is not techinicall illegal to play there if you live in New York, the laws are just to sketchy for the legal teams that are incharge of the site. Even though Bovada no longer takes New York residents, there are several sports betting sites that are legal for New York residents listed above.

Are There Any Brick and Mortar Sportsbooks in New York?

Not anymore. The state cracked down on a few sportsbook shops that opened up in New York City.

How Can I Tell if an Online Sports Betting Site Accepts Wagers from New York citizens?

Any sportsbook website that accepts American bets will take wagers from people living in New York.

Betting On Professional and Collegiate New York Sports Teams

New York is one of the biggest sports markets in the entire country and is home to some of the most storied professional sports teams of all time. The New York Yankees have an unbelievable 27 championships alone in the MLB while the Mets have added two more. The NFL hosts three different teams and the Giants are the most successful with 8 Super Bowl victories, while the Jets also have 1. The Islanders and Rangers have combined for eight titles in the NHL, while the Knicks of the NBA have tallied two.

  • NFL: Giants, Jets & Bills
  • MLB: Yankees & Mets
  • NBA: Knicks & Nets
  • NHL: Islanders, Rangers & Sabers
  • MLS: New York City FC & Red Bulls