Legal Sports Betting For West Virginia Residents

Is online sports betting legal in West Virginia? Good question. The state is not allowed, under federal laws, to regulate their own sportsbook. However, this does not mean that it is illegal for you to bet on sports. Legal West Virginia sports betting can be done through a single method – online, offshore sportsbooks.

The way we see it, there are no state laws that prevent the use of online sportsbooks. There aren’t even any state laws that prevent sports betting. Without these specific pieces of legislation in place, legal sports betting in West Virginia at online sportsbooks is viable. The reason they have to be located overseas is because of certain federal sports betting laws, which we go over in detail further down this page.

To help make finding legal West Virginia sports betting sites easier, we’ve gone ahead and narrowed down the field to the best potential candidates. These sites allow players from all over West Virginia to play at their sites. There are no sign-up fees and you’ll have more options at these legal West Virginia sports betting sites than you’d find anywhere else in the US, including Vegas.

Everything you need to know about finding a safe, reliable online sportsbook that accepts WV residents is right here on this page. We explore and explain the legality of it all, as well as answer any questions you might have about legal West Virginia Sports Betting.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in West Virginia?

If you live in West Virginia and enjoy betting on sports over the Internet, we have good news. Legal West Virginia sports betting can be done online through any computer or smartphone. WV residents should feel confident that they are well within their legal rights when placing any type of bet at an online sportsbook that accepts American players. The online action you’ll find at any of the legal West Virginia Sports Betting sites recommended on this page is better than anything you’d find in Vegas. And so much more convenient, too.

Sports Betting Laws in West Virginia

Legal sports betting in West Virginia is possible because there are actually no laws preventing it. In WV, there are no laws on the books that mention using the internet to gamble. Because of certain federal laws in the US, there are no state laws that prevent sports betting, either. Due to this lack of laws, we have determined that legal West Virginia sports betting can be done when it is done at online, offshore sportsbooks. If the sites accept American players, they can and will legally accept West Virginia residents from all over the state.

Will I Go to Jail for Online Sports Betting in West Virginia?

There has never been any record of someone going to jail for online sports betting in West Virginia. This is because of the lack of legislation preventing the use of the internet to gamble online. At this time, all federal sports betting laws apply to those who are either running an online/land-based sportsbook, or those who are accepting the wagers. There is nothing in the state or federal penal code that makes sports betting unlawful for West Virginia residents.

Legal Sports Betting Sites For West Virginia Residents
Bovada Sportsbook
50% Up To $250 On First Deposit
All States EXCEPT NY, NJ, NV, DE, MD

Bovada is a sportsbook we have long followed for their quality. Bovada provides their players with quite a few options for gambling, covering as many possible sports as they can. Entertainment, such as TV and film, as well as politics are also covered. Each of these options has made Bovada into one of the more enjoyable locations for gambling. If you decide to play with Bovada, you will find easy deposits by way of Bitcoin, VISA and wire transfers. They have various deposit bonuses, including a 100% to $250 match. Through Bovada you never have to worry about being ripped off or otherwise damaged, as this is one of the most secure gambling sites around.

BetOnline Sportsbook
Unlimited 50% To $2,500
All 50 States

BetOnline is another of the most famous betting sites we have ever seen. They provide their users with quite a few advantages, including a 50% match to $2,500 - the largest deposit bonus ever introduced into a sportsbook. BetOnline bets on over 8 different sports, with the moneyline, spread and total score bet available on each betting line. BetOnline has easy deposits with such methods as e-checks, prepaid cards, VISA, bank draft and wire transfers. BetOnline is simply the most generous betting sites we have ever seen, offering odds that pay even higher than most other sportsbooks.

5Dimes Sportsbook
50% to $200 Welcome Bonus
All 50 States

5Dimes has then given our readers one of the more enjoyable locations for sports gambling. 5Dimes has provided their users with quite a few different options for gambling, including every major sport. If you decide to play with them, you will see more betting lines than most other sportsbooks, covering ever possible type of betting odd. 5Dimes comes with a 50% match to $20, which will start you off on the right track to one of the more generous gambling experiences or you can go even further with a 20% to $520 bonus. 5Dimes provides their players with easy deposits by way of VISA, MasterCard and American Express, while wire transfers are also available.

Best Legal Sports Betting Sites For West Virginia Players
  • USA?
  • 50% Match On First Deposit To $250
  • 75% Bonus Up To $1,000 On Each Deposit
What Federal Laws Impact Sports Betting In West Virginia?

There are a couple of federal laws that impact sports betting in West Virginia. The most prominent is the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, PASPA. This federal law prevents 46 states from regulating sports betting in the state, which basically prevents legal sports betting in West Virginia. Of the four states that are exempt (Delaware, Montana, Nevada, Oregon) only Nevada can offer a full array of bets on different sports.

If you’re wondering why you can’t just call a sportsbook located in Nevada from West Virginia and use that or just log on to one of Nevada’s online sportsbooks, it’s actually because of another federal sports betting law called the Wire Act. The Wire Act states that it is unlawful for someone to take a wager over a wire of communication. This prevents wagers from being taken over state lines and keeps legal West Virginia sports betting limited to just one option: online, offshore sportsbooks.

There is a final sports betting law that you should be aware of, but rather than preventing any activities, it serves as a banking regulation. This law is called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, UIGEA. What this law tries to do is prevent businesses from taking wagers and processing transactions from US players online, but it only succeeds in half of that. The UIGEA does not have the authority to dictate what overseas businesses do or don’t do. So they can’t prevent online, offshore sportsbooks from taking bets from West Virginia residents.

What this law can do is prevent banks from processing deposits to online sports betting sites. So occasionally, you might have a declined credit card payment or wire transfer. This doesn’t mean you’re doing anything illegal – the great thing about all three of these laws is that betting is not actually unlawful – it just means you need to find a different deposit method that doesn’t have to be processed by a bank.

Legal Sports Betting Age In West Virginia

In West Virginia, the legal sports betting age is 21. The state has an overarching law that dictates 21 as the legal gambling age in the state. This is important to remember, as most online sports betting sites only require you to be 18 to sign up. While you can technically sign up at that age, we recommend that you wait until the state proscribed legal betting age.

Can I Use A Mobile Sports Betting Site In West Virginia?

Yes. When you use an online, offshore sportsbook that has a mobile app or site, you are legally able to bet on sports on your smartphone (or tablet). These sites are the exact same ones you’re accessing on your computer, they’ve just been modified to fit on a smaller, mobile device. Mobile sports betting in West Virginia is legal, fun, and convenient.

Types Of Wagers Available At WV Sports Betting Sites

Generally, online sportsbooks will have tons of different wager types available. Some have more than others, especially if they’re more established and have been operating for a long time. The most common wager types you’ll see are parlay cards, moneylines, spreads, totals, adjusted lines, props, and futures. You might also find round robins, if-bets, Asian handicaps, and more. Some sportsbooks even have what is called live betting, as well.

Live In Game Sports Betting In West Virginia

Live betting is a method of betting on the game as it is in progress. Moneylines, spreads, and totals, as well as player and team props, can be made on the game while it is going. This puts you closer to the action and really gives you a chance to show off your sports betting skills.

FAQs About Legal West Virginia Sports Betting

Will West Virginia Regulate Sports Betting at the State Level?

West Virginia state legislators have actually been working on bills that would regulate online gambling in the state. Legal West Virginia sports betting might be the next thing on their plate, as the Solicitor General Elbert Lin gears up to continue New Jersey’s fight against PASPA. Nothing has been done so far, but all signs point to action in the future.

Are There Any Sportsbooks At Tribal Casinos In West Virginia?

Currently, there is no legal sports betting in West Virginia Tribal casinos or any other land-based structure. This is due to federal restrictions like PASPA. If federal law is repealed or amended, you should expect to see sportsbooks in both tribal and commercial casinos.

Can I Trust West Virginia Sports Betting Sites?

Yes, you can full trust an online sportsbooks that accept West Virginia residents, especially if they are the ones recommended on this page. We scoured the internet looking for the absolute best legal West Virginia sports betting sites available, ones with the bet reputations and the most to offer. Online sportsbooks use SSL encryption technology to keep your information safe. They must also answer to a gaming commission, which holds them to high-quality standards to maintain their licensing.

Professional And College Sports Teams In West Virginia

Well, there is no professional sports teams in West Virginia at this time. In fact, there is only a few college teams that anyone really hears about. They are the West Virginia Mountaineers and the Marshall Thundering Herd. Other then that, there is not going to be a whole lot of betting on the home team because teams are limited in the state.