Are Online Sportsbooks Legitimate?

If you were to hop on your computer and type in 'online sports betting' in a search engine, there are a range of different results that come up. One of these possibilities is actual sites on which sports wagering online can be done. But the big question is how does a bettor know whether or not a specific site is legit? Furthermore, is the sport betting industry online on the whole legit?

We attempt to answer these questions by providing details surrounding many betting sites in the industry, and separate the facts from the misconceptions regarding online sports betting. Among the topics discussed is the regulation of sports betting sites, certifications and licensing of such sites and the practical use of the sites by actually placing a real-money wager.

More About Legitimate Sports Betting Websites

Before we get into that though, the topic of legality needs to be discussed. This is because the legitimacy of a sports betting site begins at this checkpoints; whether or not it's legal to bet. Legal and legit can be intermixed in this respect.

For starters, online sports betting can be legally done at sites operating out of the United States. For many years, this was simply the only option for U.S. sports bettors. These sites have been accepting American players for decades and they are not violating federal betting laws as they are based in gambling-friendly countries. Now, however, many states are choosing to launch their own regulated sports betting sites for local sports enthusiasts. These sites are limited to those physically living in the state where the site operates from. This is why the majority of sports bettors have and will continue to use legit sports betting sites that are based overseas.

How Is This Possible?

With the Supreme Court effectively shutting down PASPA and lifting the federal sports betting ban, states are free to legalize all forms of sports betting. States can open land-based sportsbooks, launch online sports betting sites, and even create mobile sports betting apps. For bettors, this means that sports betting is 100% legitimate and you now have more options for legal sports betting in the U.S.

Know That Legal Sports Betting Sites Are Not U.S. Companies

The fact that the sites are not physically located within the U.S. could cause some to be concerned over the legitimacy of the sites.

This is where information on licensing and certifications for the best betting sites out there comes into play. The best online sportsbookshat are legit are continually reviewed and regulated to very specific and rigorous standards. After all, these sites accept a lot of money in bets, and pay out a lot of money in bets. Anytime a site is dealing with money as their main means of production, people will want to know that their funds are safe and that the money coming to them is reliable.

The biggest concern would be over a player's money going away, or when it comes time to be paid out, nothing happens. While every betting site out there might not be 100 percent trusted, what industry is? What can be said about sports betting sites online is that sites like this one review and play for the purpose of testing. In other words, sportsbooks that you find throughout come to you as the most recommended and highly regarded sites on the Internet.

So, what's the official answer?

On the whole, sports betting online is very legit, and it's easy to tell the good ones from the bad ones. We recommend that you read many reviews on different sites if you want more research. You will find many of the same names come up repeatedly, and for good reason. There are some great places to wager legitimately online.

Be sure to check out other pages on our site here for in-depth analysis and reviews on sports betting sites that rank among the best. In the reviews of the specific sites, information on a variety of topics is covered, especially when it comes to depositing into online sportsbooks and being paid out. Other topics like customer service and things of that nature are discussed as well.

Legitimate Online Sports Betting Sites That Pay

Check out these websites if you don't have time to play around with sites that are shady or that have bad reputations. These are the sportsbooks that we know will pay players when they win so why not stick with legal online sports betting sites?

Bovada Sportsbook
50% Up To $250 On First Deposit
All States EXCEPT NJ, NV, DE, MD

If you are looking for a sports betting site that is legit, then look no further than what's going on at Bovada. This is the site if reputation and word of mouth is what is important. Backed by those at ESPN and other notable news outlets, Bovada is frequently referenced and cited whenever any conversation about a betting line is brought up.

When you check out Bovada, you'll be able to tell why this is a top online sportsbook instantly. They have dozens of sports, and within those sections have hundreds and thousands of lines formed every week. Bovada continues to lead the legal online sports betting industry for American players.

BetOnline Sportsbook
Unlimited 50% To $1,000
All 50 States

BetOnline ranks right up there in terms of quality and services offered. As a testament to BetOnline legitimacy in the online sports betting community, the Offshore Gaming Association has stated that there has never been a single issue with BetOnline and paying their players out. Not one in all of the bets and payouts that come through the sportsbook? That's about as good as it gets folks.

Regulated by the government of Panama, BetOnline allows American players spanning all states the opportunity to create an account and bet on site. The sportsbook has been licensed since 1997, which is nearly two decades of quality online sports betting.
50% Bonus Up To $1,000 On Each Deposit
All 50 States

SportsBetting was licensed in 2011, and is one of the fastest-growing online sportsbooks in the world. Under the management of the same company that operates BetOnline, SportsBetting offers some great betting lines for American bettors to get after with real-money wagers.

The Offshore Gaming Association rarely gives new sports betting sites top-tier grades, but with this sportsbook there was definitely an exception. SportsBetting's online betting site is very legit, and a betting site that will continue to provide their players with top-of-the-line odds and service.

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Key Things To Look For When Identifying Legit Sports Betting Sites

There are some easy ways to tell whether or not the sports betting site you visit is legit and safe to sign up for an account and place real-money wagers. There are some areas of research that should be done beforehand + aspects of the site that can inform prospective bettors on the quality of the sportsbook.

1. Look for gaming licenses and certifications for the sportsbook + check the credentials of that type of license through other websites.

2. Read and research user reviews + regulatory reviews on the site. There will be plenty of information regarding word of mouth and other perspectives

3. Review the deposit and payout processes for a sports betting site. There should be plenty of detailed information about how funding and withdrawals work to keep your information and account safe.

4. TThe betting lines and odds that are formed throughout the website should be consistent with other sites that you visit. The payouts don't have to be the same, but there should be a wide selection of lines extending to many sports and leagues.

5. Legal and legit online sportsbooks do not operate in the U.S. If you visit one that says it operates in the U.S., move away from that site. As it stands, legal land-based (not online) betting in the U.S. is only in Nevada and Delaware.