Legal Sports Betting For Colorado Residents

Colorado has a few land-based venues that provide gambling for residents, but one thing you won’t be able to find at any land-based location is a state-licensed sportsbook. The state has not started to regulate legal Colorado sports betting, but that doesn’t mean that residents are without options. If you live in Colorado, legal sports betting must be done at online, offshore sportsbooks. That’s what we go over here on this page. From answering your questions about what makes online sportsbooks the only form legal Colorado sports betting in the state, to how these online sportsbooks work, we have everything you need listed right on this page. We also provide recommendations for the best legal online sportsbooks in Colorado.

Can I Now Legally Bet On Sports In Colorado?

With PASPA overturned, Coloradans want to know if sports betting is now legal in the state. As a result of the ruling, the state does have the ability to legalize sports betting in Colorado. This would give residents the ability to visit a local Colorado sportsbook to bet on the Broncos and other popular teams. The state has not yet passed any sports betting laws or even proposed any bills. The repeal of PASPA will not impact legal sports betting in CO overnight, but eventually, it could expand the wagering options in the state. The offshore online sportsbooks that have been accepting Colorado residents for decades are still safe and legal to use.

Sports Betting Laws in Colorado

As of right now, there aren't any sports betting laws in Colorado. There are a few gambling laws in the state, but none that make mention of using the Internet to place bets. Without prohibitive laws on the books, we feel confident in saying that legal Colorado sports betting is available to residents all across the state. There are several federal sports betting laws to be aware of, which we explain in further detail below. The federal government is more interested in arresting and stopping illegal sportsbook operators, though, than chasing individuals who place bets on sports.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Colorado?

Yes, online sports betting is legal in Colorado. Residents are welcome to place wagers at any online sportsbook that accepts American bets. There are no laws that prevent the use of the internet or the act of sports betting in the state, which makes online sportsbooks the most legal option for people living in Colorado who want to place this type of wager. Just be sure to use an online, offshore sportsbook so that you do not violate any federal sports betting laws.

Will I Go to Jail for Online Sports Betting in Colorado?

Since the state of Colorado doesn't have any legal language address Internet gambling, you won't go to jail for placing online bets on sports within state borders. Not one arrest has ever been made in Colorado in connection with playing at an online casino or sportsbook. There are eight states in America that have specific laws on the books against online sports betting, but Colorado is not one of them. The federal government is no longer using the 1961 Wire Act to prosecute online sports bettors, only illegal providers of sports gambling.

How Should Colorado Citizens Pick an Internet Sportsbook?

Select a site that allows bets on the sports you love, and one with a promotional program that could put a little extra change in your bankroll. All sportsbooks on this site have tons of bets available on professional and collegiate sports in Colorado.

How Do I Know if a Sportsbook Accepts Bets from Colorado?

If a sports betting site is open to US citizens, it also accepts bets from Colorado residents. Look below to see our list of recommended betting sites taking wagers from Colorado to begin your sports betting career.

Legal Sports Betting Sites For Colorado Residents
Bovada Sportsbook
50% Up To $250 On First Deposit
All States EXCEPT NJ, NV, DE, MD

Bovada's sportsbook is easily one of the best. If you are going play through a sportsbook, this should be the one to join. Bovada has given their users access to a number of different options, including bets on sports from all over the world. This can be as common as the NFL or something less common, like cricket or even badminton. We have made it a point to test Bovada's sportsbook, and we have found that their sportsbook is one of the most generous. Bovada offers a 100% to $250 match bonus, which will give you a significant advantage over the odds. Deposit methods include VISA, Mastercard, and Bitcoin, which means you do not have to stress overloading your account. In the end, you will never have to worry about anything other than hitting the odds - something we are sure you will appreciate.

BetOnline Sportsbook
Unlimited 50% To $1,000
All 50 States

With BetOnline, you will be treating yourself to one of the more apt sportsbooks around. BetOnline provides their players with one of the more versatile lists of bets, with players able to access bets on most sports. There are not actually any entertainment or political bets, which has made BetOnline one of the best locations for sports betting. They have a solid deposit bonus, which can be collected on the first deposit and every deposit thereafter. BetOnline has a 50% match up to $1,000, which can be used to hit the lines - even their high playing parlays - with a bit of extra cash. BetOnline has given their users one of the most generous sets of bonuses and bets, and we can tell you that this is a solid choice for all of your gaming.

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How Sports Betting In Colorado Is Impacted By Federal Law

Federal laws are those passed by the United States Congress. These laws have jurisdiction over all US states and territories, and there are several that are specifically geared towards sports betting in the US. Legal Colorado sports betting is impacted by all of them in different ways.

The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act is no longer effective, but you may still want to know the background of the law. From 1992 to 2018, PASPA prevented 46 states from regulating sports betting, Colorado among them. This law pretty much limited sports betting to four states, two of which (Montana and Oregon) opted to stop offering the activity. PASPA locked the four exempt states into the style of sports betting that was legalized prior to PASPA being signed into law, so Delaware was only allowed to offer NFL parlay cards, while Nevada was allowed to offer wagering on everything because they fully legalized sports betting in the 40’s.On May 14th, 2018, PASPA and its prohibitions were found unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court.

Next is the Wire Act. This law was actually passed in the early 60’s as part of a series of anti-racketeering laws. The Wire Act does not target the bettor. Rather, it prevents bookmakers from accepting wagers made by someone in another state over a wire of communication. The Wire Act prevents bets from crossing state lines and keeps the action contained to very specific areas in the US. The Wire Act does not prevent actual betting. It just severely limit sports betting options.

Finally, there is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, the UIGEA. In this law, you’ll find language that prohibits operators of online sportsbooks from accepting bets and deposits made by US players. Only parts of this law are enforceable, however. Because a US law does not have jurisdiction over offshore companies, it cannot direct what that company does. So, the UIGEA is nothing more than a banking regulation. US banks can decline payments made to online gambling sites if they suspect that that is where the transaction is going. But you can’t get in trouble for using an online, offshore sportsbook.

As you can see, all three target the people who take wagers or regulate sports betting. They don’t make betting on sports illegal. So these laws do impact sports betting in Colorado, but they don’t prevent anything from being done. They just kind of limit where you’re betting. If you use an online, offshore sportsbook for your legal Colorado sports betting, you will not face any consequences.

Legal Sports Betting Age In Colorado

When you go to bet at an online sportsbook, it is important to make sure that their age requirement matches up with that of the one in your state. Most books only require you to be 18 to sign up and create an account. The legal sports betting age in Colorado is 21. We recommend that you wait until you turn 21 in order to participate in legal Colorado sports betting.

Mobile Sports Betting In Colorado

Most legal Colorado sports betting sites will have mobile apps or versions of their site that are compatible with mobile devices. But it’s the best online sportsbooks that offer promotions for players who use their mobile sites. If you’re constantly on your phone, it will behoove you to sign up for a book that provides a bonus for using the mobile betting site. I mean, you get paid to do what you were already going to do, so why not?

Colorado Legal Sports Betting FAQs

How Should Colorado Citizens Pick An Online Sportsbook?

The most important thing to look for in an online sportsbook is whether or not it takes US bettors. If it does, then check the sports you can bet on. At legal Colorado sportsbooks, you should be able to bet on all sorts of events. Online sportsbooks with promotions like a welcome bonus and corresponding deposit bonuses and free play credits are also good to sign up. At the end of the day, though, it’s all about finding a book that offers you what you want to do.

How Do I Know if a Sportsbook Accepts Bets from Colorado?

You’ll know if a legal sports betting site accepts Colorado residents by looking at their about page. There, they’ll tell you if they accept bettors from your country. If a sports betting site is open to US citizens, it also accepts bets from Colorado residents. All of the sites recommended on this page are legal sports betting sites in Colorado.

How Can I Make A Deposit At An Online Sportsbook?

Making a deposit is relatively easy at a legal Colorado sports betting site. When you log on to your online sportsbook, you’ll see a “cashier” tab. There, you’ll find a list of deposit methods. Just choose one, follow the directions on the page, and your deposit will be credited to your account in no time. The most common deposit methods at online sports betting sites are credit cards and digital currencies.

How Long Should It Take For The Sportsbook Payout To Reach Me?

The expected payout time will be listed next to the method you choose in the cashier tab. When you choose a method, it will provide a timeline for when the payment will reach you, especially if you’re using a legal Colorado sports betting site. You can always contact the customer service line at the sportsbook and see how long a chosen method will take to reach you if you don’t want to look it up on the site.

What Are The Fees To Withdraw At Colorado Sports Betting Sites?

Each legal Colorado sports betting site is different when it comes to charging fees. The ones listed on this site will offer one free payout every 30 days or calendar month. Aside from that, fees are specified to the payout type, so the fee for a bitcoin withdrawal is different from that of a check sent by express courier. Fee schedules for withdrawals will be listed on the cashier tab of each online sportsbook.