Legal Sports Betting For Connecticut Residents

Legal Connecticut sports betting can be found at any online, offshore sportsbook. You might be wondering how this is legal. Well, when you use an online sports betting site that is located in another country, you’re using a product that is licensed and regulated without violating state and federal laws, making it a viable legal sports betting option for Connecticut residents. On this page, we go over all of this in detail, from how online sports betting is legal in Connecticut to any questions you might have about how online, offshore sports betting works. We even recommend some of the best legal sports betting sites for Connecticut residents to use.

Is Sports Betting Now Legal In Connecticut?

Yes, sports betting is now legal in Connecticut after the Supreme Court ruling on PASPA. The state enacted preemptive legislation in 2017 that would allow the regulatory aspects of sports gambling to be established once the federal law changed. Once lawmakers sign additional sports betting laws, residents will be able to visit land-based sportsbooks in Connecticut. It is also possible that the state will launch regulated sports betting sites and mobile apps. Even with all of the behind the scenes legislative action, sports enthusiasts in the state can still use offshore online sportsbooks for legal Connecticut sports betting.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Connecticut?

Residents of Connecticut are welcome to place bets at online sportsbooks anytime they like. This is because online sports betting is legal in Connecticut. To remain within the confines of the law, we highly recommend that residents only use online, offshore sports betting sites. These sites are licensed and regulated by gaming commissions in other countries, so they are perfectly safe to use. The reason we recommend overseas books is because there are no state-licensed sportsbooks just yet. Although sports betting is now legal in Connecticut, they haven’t launched any sportsbooks. Lawmakers are still busy creating the framework to make this happen.

Sports Betting Laws in Connecticut

There is only one sports betting law in Connecticut, but it is more of a limited provision. CT HB 6948 is a large gaming expansion package that authorizes the East Windsor Casino and increases the number of OTB facilities. The sports betting language in the bill states that the Commissioner of Consumer Protection shall adopt sports gambling regulations. This bill was passed prior to the repeal of PASPA, and now that sports wagering is permitted by federal law we expect to see the regulatory framework sometime in the near future.

Will I Go to Jail for Online Sports Betting in Connecticut?

Connecticut residents can play at any online sportsbook without fear of breaking state law or going to jail. There are not any laws on the state books that make online sports wagers illegal. As it stands, Connecticut is actually one of the more progressive states when it comes to online gambling, and may even be considering passing legislation that promotes this form of betting, rather than prevents it. At this time, there is no evidence that any resident will go to jail for betting on sports in Connecticut.

Legal Sports Betting Sites For Connecticut Residents
Bovada Sportsbook
50% Up To $250 On First Deposit
All States ex. NY, NJ, NV, DE, MD

Bovada is the blueprint to which all other sportsbooks of its kind have tried to emulate. The entire website is dedicated to enticing sports bettors with competitive odds and a mass quantity of events from all over the world posted with wagers to engage in. The site can be accessed by any mobile phone with internet capabilities and is legal to use in Connecticut. A 50% match of up to $250 on a new member’s first deposit is a current promotion advertised.

BetOnline Sportsbook
Unlimited 50% To $1,000
All States - ex NJ, NV, NY

People in Connecticut that enjoy free things will love BetOnline and the free play rewards given through promotions. Along with a sizeable “Welcome Bonus” that will match a new user’s first deposit by 50% up to $1000 with the promo code BOL1000, they also have free plays that come with every deposit to an account with a 25% match of up to $250 using the promo code LIFEBONUS. Wagers from major to college sports as well as plenty of other non-sport events can be bet on with BetOnline.
50% Bonus Up To $1,000 On Each Deposit
All States - ex NJ, NV, NY
SportsBetting Sportsbook is a world of sports-related bets at the fingertips of every member of the platform. Mobile betting is one of the perks when using this website. Bets range from the NFL to college ball to that weird eating contest across the globe. Promotions are always running on SportsBetting. Currently, every deposit made by an account holder is entitled to a 25% match bonus of up to $250 with the promo code FORLIFE.
MyBookie Sportsbook
50% to $1,000 Welcome Bonus
All States - ex NJ, NV, NY

Connecticut sports wagering enthusiasts will find all they’ve been looking for out of a sportsbook with MyBookie. Any sport is available on the website with odds and bets for all matchups coming up on schedules all over the globe. Promotions are part of the package with this sportsbook and they presently offer new players on their platform a 100% match of up to $1000 for all initial deposits made by using the promo code MYB100.

Xbet Sportsbook
10% to $300 Welcome Bonus
All 50 States

A sports betting site that is pretty straightforward with their style of operation is XBET Sportsbook. They’re not as flashy as their competitors or have as many big rewards for players but they don’t have to do that if their product is amazing and based off of their popularity alone, it is. Events across the board from sports to the arts are open for wagers. New users get a 100% match bonus of up to $300 on their first deposits using the promo code XB100.

Top Legal Sports Betting Sites For Connecticut Players

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How Federal Laws Impact Legal Connecticut Sports Betting

There are two federal laws that impact legal Connecticut sports betting by limiting how and where it can be conducted. The first of these is the Wire Act, which prevents sports bets from crossing state lines. Under the Wire Act, no one is allowed to accept bets placed over a line of communication, so someone in Connecticut cannot phone in their bet or use a Nevada-based online sportsbook. This goes for other states that have legalized sports betting as well. But this does not apply for online offshore sportsbooks because those are legal sportsbooks based outside of the United States. So long as you use the websites we recommend, you shouldn’t run into any trouble.  

Secondly, there is the UIGEA. This law is more of a banking regulation than anything else. In it, says that businesses cannot accept wagers or process transaction made from a US resident. Technically, it attempts to do what the Wire Act does, but it cannot control overseas business owners. So, it only applies to bank operators. Under the UIGEA, a credit card or bank wire transfer may get declined when it is sent to a known online gambling site. You’re not in any legal trouble, it just means you need to find a new deposit method. The most common way around the UIGEA is to use cryptocurrencies. To promote this, online offshore sportsbooks often give exclusive promotions and bonuses to those who use cryptos over any other banking method. 

Neither of these laws prevents actual sports betting. They just limit legal Connecticut sports betting to online, offshore sportsbooks. Offshore books fall outside of the jurisdiction of US laws, and Connecticut doesn’t have any laws that prevent gambling online.

Legal Connecticut Sports Betting Age Requirement

In Connecticut, you have to be at least 21 before you can bet on sports. This means you’re going to have to wait for a little while before you can legally bet on sports at an online sportsbook. This is because online sports betting sites only require players to be 18 to sign up. It is our recommendation that you abide by the legal Connecticut sports betting age.

Can I Bet On College Basketball On My Phone?

Yes, you can bet on college basketball and any other sport on your phone. Almost all online sportsbooks have a mobile betting site or app that you can access on a smartphone or tablet. All of the legal Connecticut sports betting sites on this page have mobile sites, which are browser-based and compatible with all operating systems.

Sports Betting FAQ for Connecticut

Do State or Tribal Casinos Offer Legal Sports Betting In Connecticut?

Casinos do not currently offer legal sports betting in Connecticut, but they will within the next few years. The Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun have both expressed the desire to offer sports gambling under the right conditions. It will be up to the state and the tribes to negotiate terms of each contract that are mutually beneficially. For now, the only legal sports betting in Connecticut can be found at online, offshore sportsbooks.

How Do I Find a Sportsbook that Accepts Bets from Connecticut?

When you are looking for a Connecticut friendly sportsbook, head to the about page. There, you’ll see the countries that the site serves. If you find America listed there, then you know that it is a legal Connecticut sports betting site.

What Kind Of Wager Types Can I Find At Online Sportsbooks?

Online sportsbooks have everything. From your simple game lines like spreads, totals, and straight bets, to parlays, props, and futures, the variety of wager types at an online sportsbook will never cease to amaze you. Each online sportsbook is different, so head to all of the ones recommended here to see which has the best wager types for what you want to bet on.

Can You Bet On Politics In Connecticut?

Yes, betting on politics in Connecticut can be done at online, offshore sportsbooks. It may seem odd to bet on politics at a sportsbook, but they have the best political betting odds of any online gambling venue. It’s amazing what you can find at a legal Connecticut sports betting site.

What is the Best Deposit Method For Connecticut Residents?

When making deposits at online sportsbooks, it’s all about finding the one that helps you do what you want to do. If you’re looking for speed and speed alone, we recommend credit or prepaid cards. If you’re looking for a large deposit ceiling, we recommend a check, bank wire, or wire transfer. If you’re looking for speed and a high deposit limit, then we recommend bitcoin, a digital currency.

Best Teams To Bet On In The State

In Connecticut, there aren’t any professional sports teams. But surrounding states have a number of professional franchises that you can pull for, and more importantly, bet on. College athletics in Connecticut are much more prevalent, as the state is home to a number of impressive D1 schools.