Legal Sports Betting For Idaho Residents

Legal sports betting for Idaho residents starting to increase in popularity thanks to the internet. Online sports betting makes it possible to wager on all of the most popular NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, and NCAA teams to earn real money. When you bet at a sports betting site, you have instant access to the latest betting odds, reliable banking, game insights, and big bonuses.

The online sportsbooks we have tested out provide players with a handful of different games, and you will not be penalized simply for sports betting on the Internet. If you want to bet on sports without the Internet the closest place to travel is Las Vegas - something that is not very easy to do just to place a bet. We recommend that you only stick to the best possible gambling sites, and these are the ones we have determined to be the most legitimate.

Can We Now Bet On Sports Legally In Idaho?

With the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) no longer prohibiting sports betting, residents can look forward to the possibility of land-based legal Idaho sports betting. That being said, this option is not expected to happen this year or the next. Legislators have not started discussions on legal sports betting in Idaho, and we have not been given any indication as to if or when they might start. For sports bettors in the state, this means that you can continue betting as you normally would at offshore online sportsbooks. Sites like BetOnline, Bovada, and SportsBetting continue to accept Idaho sports bettors every day.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Idaho?

Residents of Idaho should feel totally confident when they place bets at Internet-based sports betting shop. Idaho residents tend to turn to online casino play and sports betting action because of a lack of easy access to land-based casino gaming and a lack of tribal gaming properties in the state. Internet sportsbooks are far more convenient for Idahoans than spending all day driving to a tribal casino or booking a trip to Vegas, Atlantic City, or another popular betting destination.

Sports Betting Laws in Idaho

Without any language in the Idaho penal code related directly to Internet betting, sports bettors don’t face any potential prosecution from Idaho law enforcement. Federal law does apply to citizens of Idaho, but the government is more interested in shutting down illegal sportsbook sites that operate in America, which is against the Federal Wire Act. The government isn’t going after bettors; only sports wagering operators.

Will I Go to Jail for Online Sports Betting in Idaho?

No. There has never been an arrest in the history of the Gem State related to online casino gambling or betting on sports. Idaho is not one of the American states that placed anti-online casino and sports betting laws on the books. Since the Wire Act of 1961 is not being used to prosecute gamblers, and the state doesn’t have a law against betting on the Internet, Idahoans have nothing to fear in terms of prosecution for online wagering.

Legal Sports Betting Sites For Idaho Residents
Bovada Sportsbook
50% Up To $250 On First Deposit
All States ex. NY, NJ, NV, DE, MD

Bovada is the one sportsbook that can always be trusted for your gaming. If you decide you want to start betting on sports, Bovada is the way to go. They have shown us that they provide their users with a number of options, including the NFL, the NBA, MLB, NASCAR, hockey and more. Few other sportsbooks provide players with the favorable odds found in Bovada.

BetOnline Sportsbook
Unlimited 50% To $1,000
All States - ex NJ, NV, NY

Through BetOnline, you will be treated to some of the more versatile options on the market, all backed by a bonus that is larger than any other sportsbook. When it comes to bonuses, BetOnline provides a 50% Welcome Bonus worth up to $1,000. You will be able to experience this bonus with any deposit method – Bitcoin, VISA, wire transfers or bank transfers. Just enter BOL1000 when making your first-ever deposit.

MyBookie Sportsbook
50% to $1,000 Welcome Bonus
All States - ex NJ, NV, NY

The place where a lot of sports fans reside is in Idaho. Home of some great sports teams, most noteably the Boise State Broncos, this state is known to have teams compete for titles in their sports. The best place that players can go wager on these teams is on MyBookie. These teams are known for having upsets which mean fans who bet on them are going to win big. The betting odds that are on MyBookie are favored for players to win a lot of money and it takes is for players to sign up for an account as soon as possible. The mobile betting features are here as well as the live betting feature. Waste no time and sign up so you can start making money!

Best Sports Betting Sites For Idaho Players
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Sports Betting FAQ For Idaho

How Do I Know if a Sportsbook Site Accepts Bets from Idaho?

If a site accepts American bets, it will take wagers from a gambler in Idaho. All of the leading sports betting sites accept Idaho sports bettors and have for decades.

Do Online Sports Betting Sites Offer Bonuses to Idaho Citizens?

Yes, in fact, deposit bonuses and other promotional deals are one of the ways that online books compete for your business. You can find deposit bonuses, free bets, and loyalty programs that aim to boost your bankroll and provide more opportunities to win.

Do I Need To Pay Taxes On My Winnings?

Yes, according to the IRS you still need to pay taxes on your winnings. Whether or not they will actually know if you’ve paid taxes on them is another thing altogether, but the IRS has the say on that matter. We recommend that you pay your taxes on your online gambling winnings.

When Will Idaho Have Land-Based Sports Gambling?

We aren’t quite sure at the moment when the state will have sportsbooks. Sports gambling legalization is spreading through the country at a fairly rapid rate though. It may not take as long as one might think for the State of Idaho to have a sportsbook, but for now, we don’t have an exact time table for when this will come about.

Is My Money Safe With These Online Sportsbooks?

Yes, your money is perfectly safe at the online sportsbooks we’ve mentioned. Bovada and BetOnline have been around for some time, and only the sportsbooks with the best reputations last this long. Your money will be safely taken care of. Fraud is only something to be on the lookout for when dealing with smaller sportsbooks with spotty reputations. We recommend that you stick with the sportsbooks that we’ve recommended so your money can be safe.