Legal Sports Betting For Indiana Residents

There are plenty of options to legally bet in Indiana. State-licensed sportsbooks are legal and retail sportsbooks are appearing all over the state. Indiana also has its very own mobile sports betting option as well which does not require you to sign up at a retail sportsbook. With that said, your best bet to get into the sports betting action to bet on the Indianapolis Colts or any of your favorite teams will be using online offshore sportsbooks. Legal Indiana sports betting sites are based offshore and have accepted Indiana bets for over a decade. There is no limit to the available sports or wagering types, and there are even legal sportsbook bonuses to increase your bankroll.

Before you join an online sportsbook while residing in Indiana, there are a couple of different factors to consider. The legal landscape is constantly changing, especially in Indiana. We are here to help give you the best guide we can possibly provide to help you understand that sports betting in Indiana are completely legal. By the end of the page, you will have a better understanding of legal sports betting in Indiana.

Can We Now Legally Bet On Sports In Indiana?

Yes, yes, and yes, you can now legally bet on sports in Indiana. Thanks to the fact that PASPA has been overturned, legal Indiana sports betting has been made into a reality. In the months after the Supreme Court decision, lawmakers took it upon themselves to figure out what sports betting in the state should look like. There were many hearings and debates over sports betting, but lawmakers finally came to an agreement about sports betting in Indiana. Retail sportsbooks have opened in Indiana and a state-based online sports betting platform is available as well. But these sportsbooks will have skewed odds on Indiana-based teams due to the fact that hardcore fans live in the state. Sports enthusiasts can continue to use offshore sports betting sites such as Bovada, BetOnline, and SportsBetting to wager on the Indiana Pacers and all of their favorite Indiana based teams for the best odds available.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Indiana?

Along with retail sports betting, online sports wagering has also been legalized in Indiana. Lawmakers passed IN HB 1015 which detailed what sports betting will look like in the state. Thankfully, they included provisions that allow for mobile and internet sports wagering to take place in the state. You will be able to register your account no matter where you are in Indiana. Mobile and online sports betting are currently taking bets as you read this page. But the state-based online sportsbook is not going to give you the best odds or even the biggest menu. If you want the most bang for your buck, you need to sign up for sites like Bovada to wager on your favorite teams. Even after the launch of sportsbooks in Indiana, it is completely legal for you to use our list of recommended online offshore sportsbooks.

Sports Betting Laws in Indiana

If you are looking for what sports betting laws in Indiana will look like, look at IN HB 1015. This is the bill that has legalized sports wagering in Indiana and it lays out all of the rules and regulations for sports gambling in the state. This bill gives you a clear picture of what you can and cannot do when you are betting on sports in Indiana.

Here are some things that have happened thanks to IN HB 1015. Retail and online sportsbooks are actively taking bets in Indiana. Statewide mobile wagering is allowed. Sports betting revenue will have a 9.5 percent tax on it. Sportsbooks will pay a $100,000 license fee to open their sportsbook and then pay $50,000 annually to renew it.

The Indiana Gaming Commission is running and operating all sports betting in the Hoosier State. You cannot wager on esports or on athletes under the age of 18. You are free to bet on collegiate teams. Indiana doesn’t seem to have many restrictions for sports betting. The retail sportsbooks are located inside of Indiana’s casinos. There are 13 different casinos that could potentially run and operate a sportsbook.

Will I Go to Jail for Online Sports Betting in Indiana?

The short answer is no, you will not go to jail for sports betting in Indiana. Since sports betting has been legalized in the state, it is basically impossible for you to be arrested for doing so. The only illegal activity that you can take part in for sports betting in the state is if you use a bookie to place your bets. Using a bookie is illegal and always will be. Take it from us and don’t use a bookie. Go to a sportsbook near you or go to one of our recommended online offshore sportsbooks.

Legal Sports Betting Sites For Indiana Residents
Bovada Sportsbook
50% Up To $250 On First Deposit
All States ex. NY, NJ, NV, DE, MD

With more than a decade of experience, Bovada provides some of the hottest features around. If you sign up with Bovada, you can make deposits through a variety of methods. They provide their players with a solid bonus. They provide their players with a 50% match bonus that is good for up to $250. This comes with any of their deposit methods, which include credit cards and Bitcoin. Bovada covers bets on a variety of sports, with the NCAA football and basketball seasons being their best. They also have football, hockey, baseball and much more all available through their service. Bovada makes their odds on par or better than most live sportsbooks, which is why we have chosen them as our own.

BetOnline Sportsbook
Unlimited 50% To $1,000
All States - ex NJ, NV, NY

BetOnline is another major sportsbook accepting residents of Indiana, despite the anti-gambling laws in the state. If you are going to play online, we can recommend BetOnline for straight sports betting. They don't really offer entertainment bets, but this is because they emphasize sports bets so heavily. NFL and MLB seasons are especially great for them. If you decide to join up with this sportsbook, a 50% match to $1,000 can be collected. Just enter the promo code BOL1000 when you are depositing at the cashier. Provided you know what you're doing, this could easily be one of the most generous sportsbooks. They accept VISA, Bitcoin, wire transfers and prepaid cards to make deposits, which makes it very easy to fund your account. We recommend BetOnline for the wide number of deposit methods, the huge list of deposit options, and all of the impressive sports to bet on.

MyBookie Sportsbook
50% to $1,000 Welcome Bonus
All States - ex NJ, NV, NY

When you know that all the sportsbooks have a lot of bets, you look for something that is different than the others. Indiana fans have the Pacers, the Colts, and other sports teams so there will be plenty of home town team games on MyBookie. Prop bets, parlay bets are all here and all it takes is for a player to be 18 and older to create an account. The banking methods are here as well which makes sure that the money players want to have on their account is there in a timely fashion. Signing up for a MyBookie account only takes a few seconds and is much more accessible than most Indiana sports betting sites.

Best Sports Betting Sites For Indiana Players
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How Federal Laws Impact Indiana Sports Betting

Indiana may have state laws, but there are also federal laws that had an impact on Indiana sports betting. One of the biggest laws was the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). It is important to note though that this federal law was repealed back in 2018. The was found to be unconstitutional after it banned 46 states from issuing new sportsbook licenses for 25 years. PASPA is the reason why the state of Nevada was able to hold a monopoly over the sports gambling industry for decades. Thanks to this law being removed, Indiana was able to move forward and legalize sports betting.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) is the federal law that is most often misunderstood. The UIGEA does not outlaw online gambling, but is an act that requires banking institutions to monitor and restrict payments related to online gambling. Like most federal laws, the UIGEA does not address individual bettors but intends to target operators and other entities.

The Wire Act of 1961 was one of the first federal laws related to sports betting. Gambling operators in the United States are not permitted to transmit sports wagers or assist with the placement of bets by way of a wire communication facility. The original intent was to help individual states enforce their individual laws and penalties on the sports betting racketeers of the era. Now, the Wire Act also includes sports bets placed on the internet. For this reason, people outside of Indiana will not be able to use Indiana online sportsbooks to place their bets. They will have to do so in their state if it's legal, or use an online offshore sportsbook to place their bets.

Legal Sports Betting Age in Indiana

With all of the other laws on the books, it is no surprise that Indiana has set a firm legal betting age. Should you bet on sports, you will need to wait until you are at least 21 years old. State law always comes before the age requirement set by the site, which means that even if an online sportsbook accepts other bettors at 18, you will need to wait until your 21st birthday.

Sports Betting FAQ For Indiana

Why Did My Credit Card Get Declined?

The UIGEA is a federal law that requires US banks to attempt to block transactions related to online gambling. That is why your credit card may occasionally get declined when making a deposit at an online sportsbook. Still, your payment will most likely be successful on subsequent attempt because online cashiers use a variety of different payment processors. The best way to get money in and out of your sports betting account is to use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Dash.

What Is The Best Legal Deposit Method For I.N. Residents?

Indiana residents most commonly use credit cards for online sports betting because of the level of convenience. You already use your credit card every day, and it happens to be one of the fastest deposit methods that you can use. Your bank may occasionally charge you an international purchases fee, but it is relatively small. Cryptocurrencies are our recommended legal deposit option because of its reliability. Your funds are 100% guaranteed and your account is credited almost instantly. There are also no banking fees when you make a bitcoin deposit, and some sportsbooks like Bovada even offer exclusive bitcoin deposit bonuses from time to time.

How Long Should It Take For The Sportsbook To Payout?

Payout speeds will differ depending on the method that you choose. The fastest way to receive a payout is by using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The digital currency is will have your funds in your BTC wallet within 48 hours, and there are never any withdrawal fees. Other methods, such as traditional checks, take a bit longer. It may be a full week before your check gets delivered to your doorstep, and this is after paying a mailing fee of up to $50. Bank wire transfers generally take up to 15 business days, while person to person methods can take up to 5 business days with much higher fees. You can view our legal online sportsbook reviews for more banking information.

Sports Teams To Bet On In Indiana

Indiana is a state full of sports enthusiasts, and online sportsbooks cater to a wide range of bettors. There are several professional teams that call Indiana home, along with semi-professional franchises that are also featured at some online sportsbooks. Collegiate sports also play a big role in Indiana fanfare, considering that there are numerous NCAA Division I schools located within the state. We cannot forget that the Hoosier State is also home to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway – host of the highly anticipated Indianapolis 500. Legal Indiana sports betting sites have betting lines on nearly every sporting event imaginable, but here are some of the most popular teams to bet on in Indiana:

Popular Indiana College Teams:

  • Indiana Hoosiers
  • Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • Butler Bulldogs
  • Purdue Boilermakers

Professional Teams:

  • Indianapolis Colts (NFL)
  • Indiana Fever (WNBA)
  • Indiana Pacers (NBA)