Legal Sports Betting For Iowa Residents

Between the laws in the state of Iowa and the federal laws pertaining to sports betting, there is nothing stating that it is a crime to bet sports online in Iowa. There are a few restrictions on operating one of these legal sports betting sites, but actually playing through one is not actually a crime. With no brick and mortar sportsbooks in the state just yet, residents are naturally choosing to join legal Iowa sports betting sites. This, however, is not the only reason that thousands of residents are using offshore online sportsbooks. When you look at the wide selection of sports, betting options, and bonuses that are offered legally, it only makes sense to bet on sports online.

Can We Now Legally Bet On Sports In Iowa?

While it is too soon to be able to visit local Iowa sportsbooks, it does seem that legal Iowa sports betting is on its way. With the Supreme Court ruling on PASPA opening the door for widespread sports betting across the nation, state legislators are ready to make a move on regulation. New sports betting bills are expected to be introduced in 2019, which means residents of the state may see sportsbooks in Iowa by 2020. While state-licensed sports betting in Iowa is not yet an option, offshore online sportsbooks still provide Iowa residents with the best sports betting action.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Iowa?

While not explicitly legal to place sports bets in Iowa, residents of the state enjoy one of the least invasive sets of gambling laws in all of the United States. In Iowa, online casino gaming of any kind is safe, thanks to a lack of state laws addressing Web betting. Iowans can safely place wagers at any online sportsbook they want, provided it doesn’t break federal law. Iowa residents may not have easy access to land-based casino gaming like residents of other states, but thanks to Internet sportsbooks, gamblers in America’s Bread Basket that want to bet on sports have a safe option.

Sports Betting Laws in Iowa

There are no sports betting laws in the state of Iowa. Federal law applies, naturally, but the Department of Justice has indicated in the past year that the Wire Act of 1961 making sports betting illegal is only going to be used to prosecute providers of illegal sports betting websites, and not individual bettors. Sports wagering in Iowa is totally safe.

Will I Go to Jail for Online Sports Betting in Iowa

As of this writing, there has yet to be a single arrest in the state of Iowa for any crime related to online casino gaming of any kind. In fact, the state has gambling-friendly state laws, allowing most types of private poker games and having a generally relaxed attitude towards gambling. Iowa is not one of the states in America with laws on the books against placing sports wagers.

Legal Sports Betting Sites For Iowa Residents
Bovada Sportsbook
50% Up To $500 On First Bitcoin Deposit
All States EXCEPT NJ, NV, DE, MD

Bovada is one betting site we have always relied on for fair gaming. They pay some of the most favorable odds the market has ever seen, offering players easy access to winnings should they know how to start betting. If you follow our advice and join up with Bovada you will immediately see a 10% addition to your bankroll. Bitcoin users can also claim an instant 50% match bonus with code BVSBITCOIN50. They accept various deposit methods, including Bitcoin, VISA and wire transfers. Their betting lines cover everything from NFL, NBA, MLB, the NHL, NASCAR and more. Every favorable sport is available through their list of odds, and you will not have to worry about anything other than knowing where to place your wager. When we came to Bovada, we found their security to be impenetrable and their payouts to come fast.

BetOnline Sportsbook
Unlimited 50% To $1,000
All 50 States

BetOnline brings their users a fairly diverse set of odds, though they only focus on sports. Entertainment and political bets are not frequently found through their book, if ever at all. By bringing their players easy deposits with Bitcoin and credit cards, BetOnline is one of the easier betting sites to join up with, as they even offer the best deposit bonus around. They have a 50% match to $1,000 (promo code BOL1000), which means you will be able to boost your bankroll significantly. BetOnline has favorable odds since they focus so heavily on sports instead of entertainment and politics, making them a solid home for sports gamblers.

5Dimes Sportsbook
50% to $520 Welcome Bonus
All 50 States

5Dimes is another sportsbook we have found to be highly efficient at what they do. Their sportsbook comes with a variety of extra features, making it one of the more exciting options around. 5Dimes comes with a slew of extra features, not the least of which is their famous list of betting trends, showing players exactly where the money is being lain. Then they have their mobile betting site, as well as a robust betting card that handles all of the math for you. If you join up with 5Dimes you will be able to collect a substantial set of bonuses - either a 50% match to $520. 5Dimes has easy deposits through VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Bitcoin, wire transfers, and credit card deposits all function easily.

Best Legal Sports Betting Sites For Iowa Players
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How Federal Laws Impact Iowa Sports Betting

There are three federal laws that residents should become familiar with when exploring legal Iowa sports betting. While this law was overturned on May 14th, 2018, it is important that bettors know the history of the law. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 banned land-based sports betting in the United States for decades. Nevada, Oregon, Montana, and Delaware were excluded due to their preexisting sports lotteries and sportsbooks. PASPA is the reason why Nevada is known as the gambling mecca of the U.S., as it was the only state with single-game wagering. With PASPA repealed, all 50 states can legally offer sports gambling.

When we look back at the Wire Act of 1961, it is clear to see that the original intent of the law has changed throughout time. The law made it illegal for persons in the business of gambling to transmit sports wagering or assist with placing bets by using a wire communication facility. While this initially only pertained to telegraphs and telephones, the advent of the internet widened the law’s scope. Now, the Wire Act is interpreted to include US gambling operators that use the internet for collecting bets. This law, like most, does not penalize bettors in any way. Instead, it focuses solely on gambling operators.

The Unlawful Internet and Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) is the third and final federal law that you should be familiar with. While it does not focus specifically on legal Iowa sports betting sites, it does relate to online gambling as a whole. The UIGEA is a banking restriction imposed upon US financial institutions that will occasionally make it more difficult for credit card payments to be processed. The good news is that online sports betting sites offer several different funding methods and also use a variety of payment processors. Even if your card gets declined once, it may still work in a later transaction.

Legal Betting Age in Iowa

The legal betting age in Iowa is age 21 or older, which means you can join any online sportsbook after this point. When you start signing up an online sports betting sites you may notice that they accept bettors at 18 years old. You will still want to abide by the legal Iowa betting age to avoid running into trouble for underage gambling. Keep in mind that the sports betting age set by the online operator is a blanket age for their players from all around the world and is not state-specific.

Is Mobile Sports Betting Legal in Iowa?

Mobile sports betting is one of the latest and most exciting features to be offered by legal Iowa sports betting sites. You can access your entire sportsbook from your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Galaxy Note, or other handheld device. There is the same wide selection of sports and wagering types including straight, total, point spread, parlay, round robin, and teaser bets. Iowa sports fans can fund their accounts and make withdrawals all from the mobile platform.

Some sites will even offer bonuses when you use the mobile betting platform for the first time, such as SportsBetting with their $50 mobile free bet. All of the online sports betting sites that we recommend have no-download mobile sportsbooks. Just use your browser to access the online sportsbook from your mobile device and you will be redirected to the mobile betting platform.

Can I Bet on Politics?

Legal Iowa sports betting is actually not all about traditional sports. Residents can also bet on political events happening all around the world. With such high-profile presidential elections in recent years, election betting odds have been more in demand than ever. Presidential election betting odds will start to appear well before many candidates officially hit the campaign trail. Get odds for winning the presidential primary, odds for winning the US presidential election, odds on who will win a specific state, and betting lines for every event on the road to the Presidency.

How Do I Find an Iowar-Friendly Sportsbook on the Internet?

Iowa is one of the states that is widely accepted by online sports betting operators. You will not come across a legitimate online sportsbook that bans Iowa residents from betting on their favorite sports.

Sports Betting FAQ for Iowa

Why Did My Credit Card Get Declined?

Your bank most likely declined the transaction due to the UIGEA. This is common, but your card will usually work if you try again at a later time. Online sportsbook operators work with a variety of payment processors to ensure that your payments go through. There are also other deposit methods such as Bitcoin, MoneyGram, and Western Union that you can use if your bank continuously declines the deposit.

Will Iowa Ever Allow Casino-Based Sports Betting?

Yes, it is possible that Iowa will allow casino-based sports betting within the next few years. Overall, the state has been supportive of widespread sports betting expansion and lawmakers are already discussing what’s next. States such as New Jersey, Mississippi, Rhode Island, and Delaware have allowed existing casino operators to start accepting sports wagers. It is very likely that Iowa would follow the same model when the state decides to legalize sports betting.

What Are The Fees To Deposit And Withdraw?

Banking fees will vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, but there are a few commonalities between books. Credit card deposits may have a small percentage of between 4% and 7% charged by either your card issuer or the online sportsbook. When making a deposit with person to person methods such as Western Union or MoneyGram the cashier will sometimes cover fees when making a deposit over a certain amount. When mailing in money orders, the cashier may reimburse any express shipping fees.

Nearly every legal Iowa sports betting site that we recommend offers one free payout per month. This can come in handy when withdrawing with checks or person to person methods that can have fees ranging from $25 to $100. Bank wire transfers will have fees dependent on the amount of the transfer, which is why you will have to get instructions from customer service before using this method.

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has risen in popularity as a banking method for sports bettors. The decentralized digital currency is extremely reliable because the sender is completely in control of the transaction. Unlike credit cards, you never have to worry about a third party processor or bank declining the transaction. Payments are processed almost instantly and there are always moderate banking limits. You can deposit anywhere from $10 to $25,000 at some sports betting sites, and withdraw up to $15,000. Whether making a deposit or requesting a payout, there are no sportsbook fees charged by the cashier.

Teams In Iowa To Bet On

Iowa may not be the first state that people think of when it comes to betting on sports, but there is still a large fan base when it comes to both professional and collegiate sports. The only home teams in Iowa to bet on are in the NCAA, being that the state does not offer any NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, or MLS teams. The Iowa Hawkeyes are in the Big 10 Conference and have had the most March Madness appearances of any of the state’s D1 basketball programs. You can also bet on the Iowa State Cyclones who have had plenty of Big 12 tournament success. Aside from Iowa teams, online sportsbooks allow players to bet on any sports team that they are a fan of or see good betting value in. You can bet on NFL teams like the Chicago Bears and the Cleveland Cavaliers while still being a loyal fan of the Hawkeyes.