Legal Sports Betting For Louisiana Residents

With a lack of land-based options, residents turn to online sportsbooks for legal sports betting in Louisiana. We use the term “legal” loosely, as the LA does have some of the strictest online gambling laws in the nation. Still, there are plenty of reputable online betting sites that advertise legal Louisiana sports betting opportunities for fans of the New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Pelicans. The leading online bookmakers provide the latest odds, huge bonuses, and reliable banking options for Louisiana sports enthusiasts.

There is much to be said about legal sports betting for Louisiana residents, which is why we want to cover as much ground as possible. Our goal is to teach enthusiasts more about the legalities of sports betting in Louisiana and the safest online sportsbooks that can be used. While we cannot tell you that they are legal, we can only tell you the best legal sports betting sites where you can join.

Can We Now Legally Bet On Sports In Louisiana?

The options for legal sports betting in Louisiana may very well change now that PASPA is no longer an issue. Though the Supreme Court ruling does not automatically make Louisiana sports betting legal, the state legislature can move forward with enacting legislation. Sen. Danny Martiny, R-Metairie, introduced LA SB 266 in early 2018 but it was ultimately rejected. Martiny and other policymakers will work on bringing additional sports betting bills to the table in 2019, especially with Mississippi sportsbooks starting to take in wagering action. The good news is that those who choose to bet on sports online can still visit sites like Bovada, BetOnline, and SportsBetting without issue.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Louisiana?

Unfortunately for Louisiana sports fans that want to gamble on their favorite games, it is not legal to bet on sports in this state. The "gambling by computer" laws covered under RS 14:90.3 make it very clear that any sort of online gambling is also illegal within state lines. While sports betting is not specifically mentioned in these laws, we can assume from the definition of online gambling that it encompasses betting on sports. While the law prohibits the use of online gambling sites, it is ultimately up to Louisiana residents to decide if they want to use an online, offshore sportsbook.

Sports Betting Laws in Louisiana

While the Louisiana Revised Statutes has a specific section set aside for laws about gambling via computer, there are no laws that specifically mention sports betting. The majority of states in the nation either lack sports betting laws completely or just recently started to enact legislation. Even so, due to the strict laws against any type of internet gambling in Louisiana, we do not advise that residents place sports bets without taking note of the law.

Will I Go to Jail for Online Sports Betting in Louisiana?

Louisiana is one of the few states that has passed legislation that prevents the use of online gambling sites. Though no resident has ever been arrested under the state’s internet gambling law, the law is still there and crystal clear. Which means you could go to jail for online sports betting in Louisiana. There is no legal Louisiana sports betting available to residents.

Legal Sports Betting Sites For Louisiana Residents
Bovada Sportsbook
50% Up To $250 On First Deposit
All States EXCEPT NJ, NV, DE, MD

One of our preferred online sportsbooks is that of Bovada. Bovada provides their players with one of the most exciting sets of odds, as there are huge payouts associated with all of their lines. They have a number of different options how you can bet, including straight wagers, parlays, the spread, the total score, pleasers, teasers and more. If you decide to join up with Bovada, you will also see such advantages as the ability to partake in their live, in-game betting. You will also find that they have a 100% to $250 match bonus, which can be added in on the first deposit you make. They are one of the most fluidly designed sportsbooks, offering straight access to their bets with very few problems to speak of.

BetOnline Sportsbook
Unlimited 50% To $1,000
All 50 States

BetOnline is perhaps the best of the sports betting sites for professional bettors, as they generally offer higher limits on all bets. This is not to say that amateur bettors cannot have fun with their service, because this is not true - you will find that their deposit bonus is for bettors of every experience level. They have a 50% Welcome Bonus that will credit up to $1,000 instantly upon making your first deposit, which is one of the best bonuses in all of online sports betting. If you stick to this sportsbook, expect easy deposits - Bitcoin, VISA, and wire transfers. With these options at your disposal, BetOnline is one of the easiest gaming centers to access. BetOnline is one of the few gambling sites that offer recreational bettors a specific advantage - mostly bonuses - which is why it is not a terrible location for all players.

Best Legal Sports Betting Sites For Louisiana Players
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Are There Any Federal Laws That Impact Legal Louisiana Sports Betting?

Yes, there are several federal laws that impact Louisiana sports betting. While the state might not have proposed any bans on sports gambling, this is mostly because of overarching federal laws that have prevented states from regulating this particular form of betting for decades. Fortunately, the most offensive law has been struck down by the Supreme Court. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) previously limited single-game sports wagering to Nevada, and banned sports wagering completely in 46 states. On May 14th, 2018, PASPA was ruled unconstitutional in Murphy vs. NCAA.

The Wire Act of 1961 is now the only federal law that mentions sports betting. The Wire Act prevents people in a state where sports betting is regulated from accepting wagers from people in other states. This law was enacted in order to keep wagers from crossing state lines and to help enforce state regulations.

The third law is the UIGEA. This law attempted to further the reach of the Wire Act, which only has domain over domestic sportsbooks. The UIGEA states that no one can accept wagers or process transactions made by US bettors at online sportsbooks. What this does is prevent banks from processing transactions. What it doesn’t do is prevent betting. The UIGEA doesn’t have the authority or jurisdiction to dictate what businesses in other countries do.

Neither of these federal laws actually make sports betting unlawful. They simply limit how and where you can bet. Usually, this would mean that online, offshore sportsbooks would be a viable option for residents to use. But Louisiana has passed a law that prevents the usage of online gambling sites. So at this time, we cannot recommend online, offshore sportsbooks as a viable or legal Louisiana sports betting option.

Legal Betting Age In Louisiana

While Louisiana has not laid out a specific age requirement for sports betting, they have published the legal gambling age in the state. Because of this, we have determined that the legal Louisiana sports betting age would be 21. If you insist on using an online sportsbook, you should at least wait until you’ve reached this age.

Is There Mobile Sports Betting In Louisiana?

Mobile sports betting can be found at any of the online, offshore sportsbooks on this page. But they fall under the same classification of gambling via the internet, so it is up to you to decide whether you want to attempt to use it. Mobile sports betting allows you to do all of the same things that online sports betting would.

Frequently Asked Questions About Legal Louisiana Sports Betting

Can a Resident of Louisiana Safely Bet on Sports through an Offshore Sportsbook?

We do not recommend using online sportsbooks in the state. Louisiana has passed legislation that prohibits the use of online gambling forums that are not regulated by the state. There is a state law that prevents the use of the internet, making it that a resident of Louisiana cannot legally bet on sports through an online, offshore sportsbook. That being said, it is up to you to determine if you would like to risk betting online.

Will Louisiana Ever Allow Online Sports Betting?

It is very possible that online sports betting would be permitted if the legislature were to legalize the activity. Lawmakers approved a measure that would permit mobile and online fantasy sports, which shows that the state has already considered how profitable online betting can be. For now, sports fans can continue to use the offshore online sportsbooks that accept Louisiana residents.

Can Online Sportsbooks Be Trusted?

If you decide to risk it, you should at least use an online sportsbook that is trustworthy. You can tell if a book is trustworthy by checking to see the company who owns it, whether or not they are licensed, and what regulatory body they work under. You should also make sure that SSL technology is being used.

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