Legal Sports Betting For Nevada Residents

Folks in Nevada who want to place a bet on a sporting event have a great advantage over the vast majority of U.S. citizens – NV has been accepting bets on professional and collegiate sports longer than any other state in the nation. For decades, Nevada was the only place that Americans could visit for the latest betting lines on NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, NCAA, and other popular sporting events. Legal sportsbooks generate a good chunk of tax revenue for the state and allow citizens to engage in what may be the oldest form of gambling – sports betting.

Placing a sports-related bet in Nevada is enough to do, with dozens of local bookmakers in various cities across the state. But legal options are available to Nevada residents who don’t want to visit the bookmaking operation and would prefer placing their bet from the comfort and privacy of home. We can walk you through all of your options for legal sports betting in Nevada, including land-based options and the legal sports betting sites that accept NV residents.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Nevada?

While a variety of federal laws have been enacted to severely restrict legal sports betting, the vast majority apply to organized crime entities and financial institutions. Nevada, as indicated, is one of only four states that were granted certain exemptions under federal laws such as the Wire Act of 1961 or the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. This allowed for legal sports betting in Nevada. Online sites can’t operate in Nevada due to state laws, but authorized casinos can still offer state-wide mobile sports wagering apps.

Sports wagering online is still prevalent, though, and legal in Nevada and elsewhere, via sites that operate under laws other than those enacted by the U.S. Congress or individual states. While Nevada residents have long had relatively easy access to sports wagering venues licensed within the state, some simply can’t or won’t place their bets in a way that creates a publicly-accessible record. Legal online sites located offshore provide a great option for sports fans looking to place their bet from within the privacy of their home.

Sports Betting Laws in Nevada

Most of the enforceable laws in Nevada and on the federal level regarding sports gambling relate not to players, but illegal sports books and organized crime. Since Nevada licenses legal land-based sportsbooks, the primary focus of law enforcement is going after those operating illegal land-based operations. The legally-run sports books found on gambling sites located in countries other than the U.S. are not the focus of law enforcement or policymakers, thus Nevada players and others can place their wagers with confidence, knowing they are betting at a site that is safe and legal.

Will I Go to Jail for Online Sports Betting in Nevada?

For better or worse, Nevada and federal authorities simply have better things to do than throw players in jail for placing a bet, on land or online. But the vast majority of players, especially those that choose from sites we recommend, don’t ever have to be concerned about legality. Online sports betting through legal sites located offshore, and not subject to federal law, provide great opportunities for Nevada citizens to wager on their favorite team, player or sporting activity, and do so legally.

Legal Sports Betting Sites For Nevada Residents
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The one sportsbook we have long played with is that of SportsBetting. If you decide to play with SportsBetting you will find that they offer their players a few advantages over other sportsbooks including many of the land-based options located in the Silver State. This includes the ability to start off with 50% more than what you had deposited. Their bonus has a $1,000 limit with code SB1000 but the rollover is very achievable which puts the odds in your favor of turning that into real cash! Deposits are easy enough with SportsBetting, as they accept VISA, Bitcoin, and many widely available prepaid credit cards. SportsBetting then has a number of different betting lines, including straight and exotic bets. SportsBetting has decided to give their players a number of options, covering every possible sport - major and minor. This is undoubtedly one of the more generous legal betting sites for Nevada residents on the market.

BetOnline Sportsbook
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BetOnline is another of our favored sportsbooks, and we have decided to play with them very frequently. If you decide to play with BetOnline, you will see that they offer a free bonus, a 50% match that is impressively large. The 50% New Player Bonus will boost your account by up to $1,000 with code BOL1000, making it one of the largest bonuses around. BetOnline has brought s one of the more impressive sets of deposit methods as well, giving access by way of American Express, VISA, Mastercard and other credit cards, debit + prepaid cards, as well as the newest and greatest deposit option: Bitcoin. BetOnline covers their players with betting lines on a variety of sports, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, UFC, boxing, and soccer. They have an easy betting card, and access can be gained in less than 5 minutes by opening an account. BetOnline is one of the most trusted gambling sites around, and we recommend it above any other.

Best Nevada Sportsbooks
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Nevada Sports Betting Federal Laws

Not only do players need to understand the state laws that relate to legal sports betting in Nevada but the federal laws need to be comprehended as well. The biggest sports betting law in the United States was referred to as PASPA, which stands for the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). This law was implemented to prohibit sports gambling in the US but luckily for Nevada residents, the state has always been exempt from this restriction. When PASPA was repealed on May 14th, 2018, it had no legal impact on Nevada sports betting. The only consequence of the federal repeal is that Nevada will now have increased competition with other states that have legalized sports wagering.

Another one of the federal laws that you should be aware of but doesn’t necessarily hold power over Nevada sports bettors is the Wire Act. This prevents sportsbooks from accepting wagers from across state lines. This is the reason why you must be physically present at the casino (or within state lines for mobile, online betting). Otherwise, players could call up a sportsbook and have action placed for them regardless of where they were located. Intended to stop organized crime in the 1960s, sports bettors shouldn’t even think twice about this law as it only targets the business.

The third federal law, one that actually impacts Nevada players, is the UIGEA. This law states that no US-based financial institution may process a transaction in regards to an offshore betting site. While this may prevent you from using your credit card on one of these sites, no law officials will be coming after. Like the Wire Act, UIGEA is designed to target the businesses involved in online gambling. Use a varying deposit option such as Bitcoin, a wire transfer, or even by purchasing a prepaid international Visa Gift Card..

Legal Sports Betting Age In Nevada

The current legal sports betting age in Nevada is 21 years old. Legislators have no desire to change this as the possibility to lower it to 18 was introduced (and failed) not too long ago. The legal offshore online sportsbooks require their players to be only 18 years old but we advise you to stick with the state of Nevada’s legal sports gambling age. This will just help you avoid any unnecessary hassle or trouble.

Land-Based Sports Gambling In Nevada

Nevada is home to many licensed land-based sportsbooks, which millions of people come to visit and lay down wagers every year. In fact, the American Gaming Association says that more than 30 million people visit Nevada every year and place a bet at a sportsbook. More than 4 billion is bet at Nevada sportsbooks each and every year.

Nevada was the first state to legalize single-game wagering, hence why it is known as the gambling hub of the United States. There are more than 100 sportsbooks and betting kiosks located in the state, with Las Vegas, Reno, Henderson, and Lake Tahoe some of the most popular sports betting locations. Land-based sportsbooks in Nevada offer a full wagering menu, with thousands of betting lines and hundreds of wagering options..

Sports Betting FAQ for Nevada

Why Should Nevada Citizens Choose Online Legal Nevada Sports Betting over Brick and Mortar Action?

Unless you live close to a traditional sportsbook, such as those in Las Vegas or Reno/Sparks, using your computer to place sports bets is far more convenient than taking a long road trip. The odds are often better at an offshore book because they do not have the same overhead costs and land-based venues. Additionally, you will come across bonuses on these sites that cannot be matched in the land-based form.

How Do I Know if an Online Sportsbook is State-Regulated and Legal?

Sites that are state-sponsored are quick to post such information on their pages. Look for certificates of licensure from the state of Nevada before you place a bet. Oftentimes, the only online-based option provided by Nevada sportsbooks are mobile apps. Offshore betting sites can also be licensed – just not by an American organization. Make sure when you wager online, you join a site (like the ones we recommended) that have these qualifications.

How Does Live Wagering Work?

Live betting is essentially exactly what it sounds like as it allows you to bet on live sporting events as they are happening. This allows you to see how the momentum of a given sporting event is going and helps you to hedge your bet in a sense. The betting lines move quickly so be sure to have a plan and attack when the opportunity presents itself.

Nevada Sports Teams to Bet On

Until very recently, Nevada, while it is the mecca of all sports gambling in the United States, had very few sports teams to bet on. Now with an NHL franchise in Vegas and the NFL’s announcement that the Oakland Raiders will move to Vegas, there will soon be plenty of options. Some other Nevada sports teams to bet on include collegiate athletics programs at UNLV and Nevada, both of which have had success at the Division 1 level.

Major College Teams in Nevada:

  • University of Nevada Las Vegas Runnin' Rebels
  • University of Nevada (Reno) Wolfpack