Legal Sports Betting For Tennessee Residents

There are several options for legal sports betting for Tennessee residents. Sports betting in Tennessee is now officially legal and so, the options have increased. Tennessee has primarily legalized online mobile wagering with an option that locals can petition their cities to open a land-based sportsbook. This means that the number of legal sports betting sites that all accept residents of Tennessee, and each one of them is totally safe, legitimate, and secure.

Is It Now Legal To Bet On Sports In Tennessee With The PASPA Repeal?

Although the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) did not legalize sports betting in Tennessee itself, sports betting is now legal in the state. PASPA previously made it impossible for the states to decide for themselves to expand on their sports betting laws. The Supreme Court of the United States looked at PASPA and declared it unconstitutional which made it possible for states to decide for themselves if they want to legalize sports betting. The repeal of PASPA is the reason why Tennessee gained the ability to legalize sports betting and sportsbooks.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Tennessee?

Yes. As previously mentioned, sports betting is completely legal in Tennessee. More specifically, the new sports betting law made it so that online sportsbooks take priority over land-based sportsbooks. This will increase the number of legal sports betting sites in Tennessee. But online sports betting has always been legal in the states. Online offshore sportsbooks have been faithfully serving Tennessee sports bettors for over a decade. They were just considered unregulated by the state. The new sports betting law that was passed allows for regulated online sportsbooks to open up, but we do not know if they will be as good as our recommended offshore sportsbooks. No matter which method you choose, online sportsbooks in Tennessee are legal.

Sports Betting Laws in Tennessee

If you are wondering what the sports betting laws in Tennessee are, then look no further. TN HB 1 is the bill that legalized sports betting in Tennessee. There are several different factors that went into consideration for this bill. First and foremost, online sportsbooks will become available first. These online legal sports betting sites will be regulated by the state and will be available statewide. If residents of the state want a land-based option, they must petition their local government to open on up. One of the more negative things about this bill though is that it does not allow for prop bets on NCAA games. Online offshore sportsbooks will have these prop bets, so you should use that for your prop bets and any other sports bets you would want to make.

Will I Go to Jail for Online Sports Betting in Tennessee?

Considering that sports betting is now legal in Tennessee, you will absolutely not go to jail for sports betting in Tennessee. Most laws that go against sports betting usually aim against sportsbook operators. If you are just someone who gambles, then there will likely never be an issue of you breaking the law. But if you decide you want to do a pool or create a new sportsbook, always make sure you are following state and federal regulation so you will not get into any trouble.

Legal Sports Betting Sites For Tennesee Residents
Bovada Sportsbook
50% Up To $250 On First Deposit
All States ex. NY, NJ, NV, DE, MD

If you visit Bovada's sportsbook, you will be entitled to play through one of the most trusted gambling sites around. Bovada has a reputation of integrity that goes back 15 years. They have updated their service over and over again, and one of the most recent inclusions is live in-game betting. New deposit methods are also available, including Bitcoin, VISA and wire transfers are all available.

BetOnline Sportsbook
Unlimited 50% To $1,000
All States - ex NJ, NV, NY

There are many reasons to choose BetOnline as your sportsbook, but the primary reason is their deposit bonus. They will match or exceed any competitor's deposit bonus, with a 50% match to $1,000 being their best bonus. This particular welcome offer can be claimed with code BOL1000. BetOnline provides their players with a solid reload bonus as well, giving a 25% match on every deposit you make. BetOnline is one of the few sportsbooks that still accepts Bitcoin, making deposits into their cashier very easy. Wire transfers and VISA cards are also viable deposits. BetOnline covers all major sports, so you should not be left out to dry.
50% To $1,000 On Deposits
All States - ex NJ, NV, NY

Betting on the Tennessee Volunteers or Titans or any other franchise elevates the viewing experience ten-fold. SportsBetting has all the games and sports that players can think of. The great thing that Sportbetting has is great banking methods that have fast transactions so players can play with the money they want to as soon as possible. Bringing in other friends also can reward players money as well with different bonuses! Sportbetting is the one for players and all it takes is the be 18 and older to sign up!

MyBookie Sportsbook
50% to $1,000 Welcome Bonus
All States - ex NJ, NV, NY

It is known for the good football games to be had in Tennessee so having an account with MyBookie is a must. Fans here love all their sports teams and that includes the pro teams as well. There are so many betting options here, there is also a lot of bonuses and promotions here which players can take advantage of and prepare them for their next bet. MyBookie has it all so make sure to check out the site as there will be many games there for players to bet on!

Best Sports Betting Sites For Tennessee Players
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How Federal Laws Impact Tennessee Sports Betting

Federal laws do impact federal sports betting, however, you may be surprised to learn that none of the laws make online sports betting sites illegal. There was even one called the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) that was repealed. The law made it impossible for state governments to issue new sports betting licenses. PASPA is why Tennessee and the majority of other states never had the opportunity to open land-based sportsbooks. On May 14th, 2018, PASPA was ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court. Thanks to that, Tennessee gained the ability to legalize sports betting, which they did. Now, the only federal law that actually addresses sports betting directly is the Wire Act of 1961, which prevents bettors from one state to be on other states US-operated online sportsbooks. But once again, this law only goes after sportsbook operators. That is why sportsbook operators go through heavy lengths to make sure you cannot bet on a sportsbook that is not based in your state.

Another active federal sport betting law is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA), which may sound as if it makes online gambling illegal, but this is not the case. The UIGEA is a banking law that aims to prevent U.S. financial institutions from processing transactions related to internet gambling from offshore gambling sites. The law does not address the bettors themselves, and instead requires banks to monitor certain designated payment systems such as credit cards, ACH, and wire transfers. The UIGEA does not penalize sports bettors in any capacity, and online sportsbooks provide several payment options to TN residents that go around this law.

Legal Sports Betting Age In Tn

All states have a legal gambling age that applies to sports betting, and TN is no different. The legal betting age in Tennessee is 21 or older. After your 21st birthday, you can join any online sportsbook of your choosing and start betting on the Titans. Keep the legal TN betting age in mind even if you come across an online sportsbook that accepts bettors at a younger age.

How Does Mobile Sports Betting Work In Tennessee?

Mobile sports betting has changed the way that residents bet on their favorite sports. As if logging into your computer wasn’t simple enough, you can now place wagers from your mobile device. All you have to do is visit the legal Tennessee sports betting site from your smartphone or tablet and you will be automatically redirected to the mobile sports betting platform. No time or space consuming download required.

The mobile betting platform has action on all of the sports you would normally bet on your computer. The same straight and exotic wagers are also available from the mobile platform. There is no additional cost to use a mobile sport betting app, and you log in with the same credentials that you would use at the desktop site. In fact, online offshore sportsbooks will likely give you a bonus for using their mobile site instead of the desktop one.

Legal Deposits And Withdrawals At Tn Online Sportsbooks

In order to start placing wagers, you will need to first fund your account. Legal Tennessee sports betting sites have several different deposit options, including checks, money orders, MoneyGram, and Western Union. Credit cards are the most popular deposit option for Tennessee sports bettors because they are convenient. The deposits are instant and most sportsbooks will charge minimal fees if any. Bank wire transfers are often used by high roller sports bettors because there is no limit to the amount that you can send.

There are just as many withdrawal options as there are deposits, with most books offering checks, bank wires, MoneyGram, and bitcoin. Many bettors are choosing to use bitcoin because of its reliability and speed. Bitcoin is the fastest way to receive your winnings, and you never have to worry about any withdrawal fees. Traditional checks are also a commonly used payout method, with funds typically delivered within a week.

Sports Betting Faq For Tennessee

What Is the Best Online Sportsbook for Tennessee Citizens?

The best legal Tennessee sports betting site depends on your own individual needs. You will want to look for a site that has betting lines on all of the major sports leagues and the collegiate teams that you root for. Bonuses are one of the biggest perks of using an online sportsbook, which is why you will want to use a site that offers deposit bonuses, free bets, and other seasonal incentives to increase your bankroll.

Perhaps the most important consideration is that of banking options. You should only use a site that allows you to make fast deposits and reliable withdrawals. Some of the best sites currently accepting TN residents are Bovada, SportsBetting, and BetOnline.

How Do I Read American Odds?

All of the legal Tennessee sports betting sites that we recommend will feature American odds. It is quite simple to understand these betting odds once you know that the (+) represents the underdog while the (-) represents the favorite. When you bet on the underdog (+) you risk less than your potential win, and betting on the favorite (-) will require you put up more than your potential win amount.

Denver Broncos (+110) @ Tennessee Titans (-130)

In the example above, if you were to bet $100 on the underdogs, you would potentially win $110. To bet on the Tennessee Titans, you would need to risk $130 in order to win $100.

Will the State of Tennessee Ever License Traditional Sportsbooks in Casinos?

It really depends if the voters want it. The current way the sports betting laws work in Tennessee is that the voters must organize a petition to get the movement started. About 10% of the voters need to sign a petition to make their local government take up the issue and put it on the ballot. Once that is done and it is time to vote, the majority of voters must approve the measure to legalize land-based sportsbooks in their area. If the measure is passed, casino operators can open will have the ability to open land-based sportsbooks in the town. If you live in Tennessee yourself, you can start organizing now to see if your neighbors would want to legalize a land-based sportsbook where you live.

Teams In Tennessee To Place Bets On

Tennessee has one of the most diverse sports markets of any state, with plenty of professional, semi-professional, and collegiate teams to bet on. You will always find betting lines for all of the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NCAA sports teams that call Tennessee home. The state is even home to Bristol Motor Speedway, making T.N. one of the best states for NASCAR fans to reside. With so many different teams to choose from, we have put together a list of the most popular teams in Tennessee to bet on at legal sports betting sites:


  • Memphis Tigers
  • Tennessee Volunteers
  • Vanderbilt Commodores


  • Nashville Predators (NHL)
  • Tennessee Titans (NFL)
  • Memphis Grizzlies (NBA)